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modern family recapping: baby on board

Previously on Modern Family: Tableau Vivant

It’s the season finale, which always makes me sad.

Gloria and the Spanish soap opera

Cam and Mitch get a call that the mother of their future baby is in labor. She is Latino and her family speaks Spanish so they take Gloria to be their interpreter. Cam must be nervous because his swerving is making Gloria nauseous. When they arrive at the hospital it’s like a scene out of a beautiful telenovela ala Fire and Ice. Sexy Spanish nurses, sexy Spanish priests, sexy Spanish cowboys, a slap in the face, an affair, and a conservative grandmother that decides she will raise the baby she didn’t know about, leaving Cam and Mitch without their baby. Cam, who has been an emotional mess through the entire process, finally sees Mitch break down. And they decide to take a break from the adoption process.

Phil and Claire are watching two of their children take big steps in their lives. Alex is playing “stubble” to a flashy boy who has yet to come out the closet and Haley is getting her first job (at the Gap, for the gap year), going to community college, and moving in with Dylan. Naturally Phil and Claire are against this, so they paint the picture of what Haley’s life is going to be like. It includes, dish racks, extra shifts, nuclear codes, and apocalypse, needless to say it’s gonna be bleak. But they get a ray of hope when Luke tells Dylan that he hid Haley’s college acceptance letter. Dylan brings the good news to light and takes Haley to the prom so that even if they don’t end up together, they’ll always have that moment.

Jay and Lily

Jay and Manny are trying to build a model airplane but were left in charge of Lily, while her fathers and Gloria went to get the new baby. Lily gets a little stage fright at the recital, but Jay talks her through it. Lily tells him the only way she’s going on is if he goes with her. So Jay takes the stage and Lily doesn’t miss out on her first recital. And it’s a good thing Jay’s fathering skills because Gloria is pregnant!

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Phil teaching Alex how to dance
  • Jay on stage dancing with Lily
  • Manny trying to talk reasonably to Lily
  • The whole Spanish scene in the hospital
  • Cam doubting everything Mitch says during the baby phone call.


Mitchell: “I think I’m laying on a rock.”
Cam: “I’m laying next to mine.”

Dylan: “Look I know that you’re concerned, but I’m designing t-shirts now. They’re gonna be huge. Also medium and small.”

Luke: “Are you doing sex?”
Phil: ““No no no, arms down here says, “I’m white and I’m sorry!” But arms up here says, “You don’t know what I am.”
Mitchell [to Cam]: “How cool would it be if you turned into Wonder Woman right now?”

Kristen is a confused young adult who sometimes thinks TV shows are actually her life. Wouldn’t that be cool? Unless she was a victim on Dexter, or a deranged privileged teenager on gossip girl, or a wolf on teen wolf, or Liz Lemon! Never mind. It wouldn’t be cool. Kristen is a young adult. Follow her @kris10_Alyse or read frustrateddreamer.com

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glee recapping: prom-asaurus

Here’s what you missed on Glee: Choke


  • Class President Brittany S. Pierce chooses “Dinosaurs” as the theme for prom.
  • Quinn makes a breakthrough during physical therapy but keeps it a secret from everyone else, except for Joe.
  • Quinn uses Finn to help her win Prom Queen which upsets Rachel.
  • Becky is upset that she wasn’t on the  ballot for Prom Queen.
  • Rachel decides to have an “Anti-Prom” at a hotel for those who don’t want to go to the real prom.
  • Quinn has a change of heart after she realizes being Queen doesn’t drastically change her life.

Queen Quinn: Well kinda. Rachel usually gets all the flack for being narcissistic but Quinn has been running parallel with her the entire time. I didn’t expect Quinn to give Rachel the Prom Queen victory but maybe she realizes that she has done everything she wanted to do while at McKinley – although I’m not sure if having Beth was on that list. I still think she tried to steal the show just a tad by getting out of her wheelchair while Rachel and Finn were having their first dance. Old habits die hard I suppose.

Voice Over: Becky is a genius for giving her inner thoughts an English accent. I wonder if it’s too late for me to change mine to Australian…but maybe I should learn the language first…?

Heisler Hoax: Maybe I’m a burgeoning alcoholic but I’ve been looking for the Heisler beer brand at the local adult beverage connoisseur shop and I couldn’t find it. Not only did I see it on this episode of Glee but like every other episode of  New GirlCome to find out that it was only a prop beer made for television shows. I guess I’ll find other ways to help the economy.

Broccoli Blaine: Simply put: NOT a fan.


Big Girls Don’t Cry – Rachel, Kurt and Blaine (B) Blaine noted that this song is ‘sort of a downer’ and he’s pretty accurate, which is why it’s so confusing that the trio performed this for seemingly no good reason.

Dinosaur – Brittany (B) Once again Brittany proved that Britney isn’t the only bleach-blonde pop star performance that she can pull off. Plus, any time there’s dancing cheerleaders with dino heads, it’s bound to be at least a little cool.

Love You Like a Love Song – Santana, Brittany and Tina (B) Three gorgeous girls in amazing prom attire and the perfect prom song, which should have meant a slam dunk performance. However, Finn’s dramatics ruined the mood. Good job Finn.

What Makes You Beautiful – Mike, Sam, Joe, Rory and Artie (A) For those of you with “One Direction Infection”, I apologize, but I much prefer these five to any of the other boy bands currently ruling the radio waves. It must be pointed out that Rory clearly had a hint of gel in his well-coiffed ‘do, how is that fair??

Take My Breath Away – Quinn and Santana (A) “It’s a prom miracle.” Not only was this the first Santana/Quinn duet, but for the first time in a long time, the moment wasn’t marred by anything negative or overly dramatic. A great “aww” moment to take us into the close of the season.


“Everything dies. Maybe the saddest of them all is the death of a dream.” – Rachel

“Would you mind taking your loser talk somewhere else? I don’t want to catch ‘failure’.” – Becky

“I’ve already been accepted at Purdue.” – Brittany
“The university?” – Principal Figgins
“No, the chicken factory.” – Brittany, who is no stranger to Lord Tubbington’s Ponzi schemes

“Shut it Richard Simmons.” – Santana

“How is everyone ‘welcome’ when this is clearly just a party for you and the two gay Winklevoss twins?” – Sanatana

“What are you looking at Jar Jar Binks.” – Sue

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