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once upon a time recapping: red handed

Previously on Once Upon a Time: Dreamy

This week on Once Upon a Time, Ruby finally gets tired of doing nothing other than waiting on the citizens of Storybrooke, considering Granny’s is the only diner/coffeehouse/bar/stalking hideout in town. More developments are made in case of Katherine’s disappearance, and new evidence shifts the blame away from David. In the Enchanted Forest, the story of Red Riding Hood is revealed. Red teams up with an on-the-lam Snow White to slay the wolf that’s been terrorizing the village, but not all is as it seems. Naturally.

Once Upon a Time, Granny and Red

In the Enchanted Forest, Red flirts through the window with her love, Peter, before she’s called away by Granny. A group of men are at the door to form a hunting party but Granny tells them they’re fools for going after the wolf and not wearing red (which repels wolves). They leave and the women barricade themselves in for the night. The next morning, Red goes out to the hen house and finds Snow – on the run, calling herself Mary – and invites her to come in. They stop by the well first and discover the mangled bodies of the hunters. People are clamoring for the wolf’s blood, but Granny tells them how the wolf killed her entire family, and that there’s no outsmarting it. Later, Snow and Red exchange some girl talk about Peter. Snow thinks that Granny is using the wolf to trap Red, so they decide to hunt it. They follow the prints, which become human and lead to Red’s window. They think it’s Peter, and Snow begs Red to tell him before he kills anyone else. He agrees to be chained up and she decides to stay with him. Granny discovers Snow in Red’s hood and panics – the wolf isn’t Peter, but Red. As they go after her, Granny explains how she passed the wolf curse down through her family. When they find Red, use they her red hood – which is magic – to turn her human again, but Peter is dead. Granny apologizes for keeping the truth from her, and Red must flee before the hunters discover her.

Once Upon a Time, Ms. Blanchard and David

In Storybrooke, Emma doesn’t really believe David’s a killer, and she lets him go but suggests he gets a lawyer. Ruby flirts with August before Granny calls her away to tell her she’ll be working Saturday nights. An argument ensues and Ruby quits. Ms. Blanchard joins Emma for a walk, and the Sheriff warns her that people are going think she plotted with David to dispose of Katherine. The next day Ms. Blanchard finds a disoriented David in the woods, who wanders off before she can stop him. At the Sheriff station, Henry (who is no longer being kept from Emma?) is trying to help Ruby find a job. She starts answering phones and Emma offers her a job as an assistant; Ms. Blanchard comes in and warns Emma about David. Emma decides to take Ruby along to the woods, and she hones in on David, who has no memory of the night before. At the hospital, Dr. Whale says the blackouts are similar to David’s memory loss after his coma, and Emma wonders if he could have done something to Katherine and not remembered it. Regina rushes to David’s defense, and Emma sends Ruby to the toll bridge to see if David left evidence. Ruby uncovers a small box, opens it, and screams. Back at the station, Emma tells Ruby that she’s impressed with her. This is apparently what Ruby needed to hear – she cleans herself up a bit and returns to the diner, ready to take on the responsibility Granny wants to give her, no longer afraid she’ll screw up. Meanwhile, Emma finds David and Ms. Blanchard at the pet shelter. The box contained a human heart. David tells Emma to arrest him, but the box had Ms. Blanchard’s fingerprints are inside the lid.

Once Upon a Time, David, Emma, and Ruby

o The plot thickens. I’m curious about Regina’s 180 this episode. Last week she planted evidence to blame David. This week she’s defending him, and planting evidence to blame Ms. Blanchard. Is she taking them both down, or solely going after her nemesis?
o Despite the grisly heart discovery, we all know from what happened to Graham that as long as it’s intact, Katherine is probably still alive. With Dr. Whale smarming his way back into the plot, I think she’s probably in a cell next to Belle.
o While it’s great we’re getting a new plot thread to consistently develop over the next couple episodes, I feel like we’re losing sight of the fairy tale charm. I miss Henry and his enthusiasm. I need this Katherine disappearance thread to play into the curse somehow – is Emma making progress, or not?

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She enjoys a challenge and is currently re-watching all 15 seasons of ER. Follow her @nicolemnelson

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once upon a time recapping: what happened to frederick

Previously on Once Upon a Time: Skin Deep

This week on Once Upon a Time: people vanish, objects reappear, and the Mysterious Stranger finally has a name, but is no less mysterious in either deed or motive. In Storybrooke, David fails yet again to tell his wife the truth, but Regina has no problem revealing the affair, leaving Ms. Blanchard and Kathryn as collateral damage. In the Enchanted Forest, Charming proves to be the more honorable of the two by restoring Abigail’s lost love before setting out in pursuit of Snow.

Once Upon a Time, Charming and the Siren

We start in the Enchanted forest. The timing is a little tricky here, picking up towards the end of 7:15 A.M. – Snow has left, Charming thinks she doesn’t love him, and the wedding is not officially called off yet. Charming is on the run from King George’s men, and they seem to have every intent of killing him. We cut awkwardly to a bound Charming, but it’s Abigail who’s found him. She knows the truth about Snow, and she wants to help him escape because she has no desire to marry him either. Charming is suspicious of her motives, and she reveals that she loves another – her betrothed, Frederick, who was accidentally turned to gold protecting King Midas. There is a magical lake that could restore him and Charming agrees to get what she needs, despite the deadly creature that guards it. That creature just happens to be a siren, who transforms herself to look like Snow to lure him into the water, and he almost drowns before escaping at the last second. He restores Frederick to Abigail, and sets out to find Snow. We’re now where 7:15 A.M ended, when Charming meets Red Riding Hood at the woods. She tells him Snow truly does love him, and they set off with King George on their tail.

Once Upon a Time, Mary Margaret and David

In Storybrooke, Kathryn has been accepted been into law school, and she wants David to come with her to Boston. He later meets with Ms. Blanchard, and she argues that he needs to tell Kathryn the truth. The next day, Emma runs into the Mysterious Stranger outside of Granny’s, and he gives his name – August W. Booth – to secure a date with her. Inside, Ms. Blanchard reveals that she been seeing David, to which Emma is like “duh,” noting the “plunging necklines” were a giveaway. Ms. Blanchard is convinced David will tell the truth – and we cut to him doing just the opposite, telling Kathryn he can’t go to Boston because of some bs story about not connecting. Meanwhile, August appears to be restoring the Book or adding pages. Kathryn runs to Regina, who reveals David’s infidelity. Kathryn then runs to Ms. Blanchard, bitch slapping her in hall at school and telling her to enjoy her liar boyfriend. August takes Emma for that drink, which just happens to be from a well fed by a “magical” underground lake that will return something lost to her. He waxes poetic about having faith, while Emma only believes what she can see. Everyone in town is calling Ms. Blanchard a tramp, and she’s fed up with David and his lack of backbone. Their relationship is destructive, and she tells him it’s over. Emma finds the Book in the gutter by her car and returns it to Henry; Kathryn tells Regina her marriage was like “an illusion,” that she’s left a note giving David and Ms. Blanchard her blessing, and she still intends to go to Boston. The Mayor takes her skeleton keys (complete with skulls) to get the note from Kathryn’s home, which she burns. Kathryn, meanwhile, has left for Boston. The curse does its thing, however, and Frederick/Gym Teacher finds her car abandoned on the side of the road.

Once Upon a Time, Emma and Stranger/August

o August W. Booth, who are you, really? What have you done to the Book, and how long will it be before we find out?
o For those keeping score: Graham is dead (sniffle), and now Kathryn is missing. Mr. Gold knows truth but seems outside of Regina’s influence – for now.
o If Storybrooke is connected to the Enchanted Forest, as evidenced by Snow’s coffin hidden deep in a mine shaft underground, does that mean this “magical” underground lake is the same one Charming visited? The way August was going on about the mystical powers of water, I believe it has some significance, but you can’t trust anything with this show. We shall (hopefully) see.

August – If you need evidence for everything, Emma, you’re going to find yourself stuck in one place for a long time.

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She enjoys a challenge and is currently re-watching all 15 seasons of ER. Follow her @nicolemnelson

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grimm recapping: pilot

Pilot written by David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf

Once upon a time:  It’s a cloudy day into Portland, Oregon. College girl Sylvia Oster leaves her dorm in pink Nikes and a red hoodie to go jogging in the woods nearby. She’s got Eurythmics on her iPod and she’s booking along until she sees a Hummel figurine just sitting on a rock in the middle of nowhere. She stops to examine the tchotke and wham…out of nowhere a werewolf bowls her over (don’t you hate it when that happens?) and drags her deeper in the woods to devour her.

Cut to downtown Portland where detective Nick Burckhardt is picking up an engagement ring from a jewelry store as his partner Hank Griffin films the moment and gives him a hard time for giving a pretty blonde the eye. Nick’s just human after all, but the blonde? Not so much. As he ogles her, Nick is startled to get a glimpse of a demonic face beneath her lovely outward appearance.

He’s still pondering what it means when he and Hank are called to a crime scene in the woods. A hiker has found the girl’s remains…in several different places. The assumption is that an animal attacked her, but the only prints leading away from her body are boot prints. Really big bootprints.

As the detectives wonder if the case is related to the “Munson Creek” incident, they discover Sylvia’s iPod, still playing “Sweet Dreams.”

They return to headquarters and split up—Nick to do some archive checking for violent predators while Hank to take the iPod down to be processed for prints.

Except that Hank and Nick didn’t take the iPod at the scene but left it in situ.

As Nick is heading for his desk, he glances at a perp and again sees a demon face. It’s unsettling.

Meanwhile, Marie drives her airstream trailer down a Portland street and pulls in at a house. Bald and bright-eyed, she clearly has cancer and something on her mind.

Nick and Hank head out to the university to talk to a girl who reported her roommate missing. She has a picture of the dead girl. Positive ID.

Hank says what he and Nick are both thinking. They hope the girl died fast.

Nick goes home and as he walks up to a creepy old house, thunder rolls and animals yelp.

It’s dark inside the house and he comes across Marie cutting vegetables with a big scary knife. He knows her—she is the relative who raised him after the death of his parents—and hugs her warmly as his soon-to-be fiancée Juliette looks on. But this isn’t a social visit and Marie tells Nick she needs to talk to him.

Leaving Juliette to finish cooking dinner, Nick and Marie go for a walk. She tells him that there are things he needs to know about his family and asks him if he’s seen any strange things lately. She tells him she knows he loves Juliette but that he needs to end it with her and never see her again because it’s just too dangerous. As Nick is trying to process this, Marie is attacked by some … thing … brandishing a sickle. Marie counter-attacks with a strange knife but it’s Nick who kills the thing, emptying his gun before it goes down.

Marie, who is badly wounded, tells Nick that what he killed was a supernatural creature that’s been tracking her. She also tells him that his parents didn’t die in an accident. She gives him a silver amulet and tells him never to lose it.

Hank shows up to handle things while Nick accompanies his aunt to the hospital. Continue reading

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