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parks and recreation recapping: sex education

Previously on Parks and Recreation: How a Bill Becomes a Law

I think Parks and Rec is slowly finding its groove again; for a while there was a bit of a lack of plot.

Leslie is once again conflicted, as she feels that it is her duty, along with her Sex Avengers, to teach the older generations about sex education. Conservatives in legislature have previously passed a law saying that it is illegal for any public office worker to speak about sex education; there is also a conservative couple, Marcia Langman and her (completely heterosexual) husband Marshall Langman (played by Todd Sherry) promoting abstinence instead.

There were also a few side stories occurring: Ben and April thinking that Congressman Murray (played by Adam Harrington, The Secret Circle) they work is a robot, Ron trying to help wean Tom off electronics and Ann  slowly transforming into a cowgirl.

Favorite moments/Quotes: 

  • Jerry checking his email by going to Alta Vista and typing “Please go to Yahoo.com”
  • Perd, the loveable, brainless reporter, who calls his fans Perdverts. “There are some statistics I’d like to share with you now and they ARE numbers.”
  • Ben trying to act like act a robot during the after-credits sequence

Donna: It’s not my favorite shirt, but it IS my least favorite shirt.


Tom: [after getting a splinter] Ow! I got stung by the wood!


April: [mimicking Congressman]1, 1, 0, 1. Must consume babies for fuel.

Ben: Why would a robot need to consume organic matter?

Emily enjoys lots of things: laughing and watching television being the top two. She loves smart comedies involving witty repartee, loud actions and gestures, over-the-top theatrics, and a solid plot. 

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