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thoughts on always sunny the high school reunion part 2: the gang’s revenge

Will’s P.O.V

“The gang’s revenge?” Not too sure if it worked out that way but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. When I think “season finale” I think dance routines, girdles, stolen prom dates, motivational speeches, and back braces. Rarely does a show actually meet my standards – which aren’t too high – but Sunny went above and beyond so I tip my hat to thee. Let’s just get to it then shall we?

  • Dennis was NEVER the “Golden God” he made us believe he was. He was just a lackey who’s prom date was stolen by Ronald McDonald.
  • I wish “Psycho” Pete would have made an appearance; he sounded like a ton of fun. Cannibalism and arson is always top-tier entertainment.
  • Giving Dee a wedgie as an initiation into the “Freight Train” was fitting…even if her back was thrown out because of it.
  • That makes two weeks in a row that we’ve had a reference to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back“. But at least Dennis used it in the right context.
  • “Plan B” should have been “Plan A”! Maybe it didn’t go as planned but I’m sure the real version was just as spectacular as its projected variant.  Also, Charlie has AMAZING footwork.
  • Ronald McDonald said that Peter Schmidt would come when the party was over and take the drunkest girl home with him. He was half right. Jason Sudeikis showed up and took The Waitress right out of Charlie’s grasp. Can we please just give the rabbit some damn Trix?! I got your back Charlie.


…I was demonstrating value on the dance floor, then I engaged you physically when I put my hands on your hips, now I’m nurturing your independence by letting you talk shit about your boring, worthless, piece of shit husband. Then I was gonna take you to an empty broom closet and then I was gonna…bang the shit outta you. And then I was gonna neglect you emotionally. That’s what I do Christy.” – Dennis


Where you going? You afraid?” – Frank

No, we’re not afraid. We’re in our 30’s, we don’t fight people anymore. It’s kinda pathetic.” -Adriano

Yeah? Well too bad, cuz the fury’s already coming, bitch.”  -Dennis


You slept with my prom date?” -Dennis

No? Yes.” -Mac

How could you do that to me?” -Dennis

Very easy. Uh…she was a whore.” -Mac

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thoughts on it’s always sunny: the high school reunion pt. 1

Nicole’s P.O.V.

It makes sense that the gang is emotionally stunted, their teen years had a major influence and they went to school with a few assholes. In high school, Dennis was a god, Dee was ‘The Aluminum Monster’, Charlie was a dirt grub and Mac was a drug dealer/Ronald McDonald. Things have changed for them…slightly: Dennis is less god-like, Dee’s back is fully recovered, Charlie is less Dirty and Mac enjoys McDonald’s.

Here are my favorite things about watching the gang spend the evening preoccupied with images of who they were while Frank desperately tried to hang out with them.

  • Not Dee misunderstanding what ‘baby got back’ means, but the look on Dennis’ face when he explained it to her.
  • The gang pre-gaming for the reunion. However, and I don’t care if they do own a bar, smashing beers is a waste and disrespectful.
  • Dee’s whole vibe and pungent air of desperation reminded me of Miri.
  • The return of Denni’s ex-wife, Maureen, and Frank’s disgust with her dead tooth. This coming from the same man who can stand the stench of dirty, boiled denim and the sewers.
  • The return of the waitress. Although she didn’t interact with Charlie and seemed to forget that she’s been off the wagon since the gang went to the Jersey Shore.
  • The return to Cricket. Poor, poor Cricket. I thought he was back to his lifestyle pre-Sweet Dee, but alas, he wasn’t and left the reunion with ringworm and the goods he’d stolen.
  • Dennis is crazy. His little exchange with Tim confirmed that for me.
  • The Kings of Leon cameo.
  • Charlie’s disgusting underwear.
  • “To be continued”….maybe this means we’ll see Plan B in action.

Will’s P.O.V.

Reunions – from what I hear – are usually looked at two ways: You can’t wait to show your former classmates how thin and successful you’ve become since high school or you dread to show them that you are still fat and irrelevant. Of course it’s never that cut and dry with gang from Paddy’s though. My favorite parts from the eppy:

  • I want to “smash ’em up” so bad right now. I think I’d finish my beer first though…
  • Dee’s back is sharp. There were bones EVERYWHERE!!!
  • I always figured “Mac” was a nickname but I think I’m calling him Ronald McDonald from this point on. Or at least until he loses weight.
  • I love making fun of how dirty Charlie is but when people outside of the gang do it I get mad. But honestly, those underwear were disgusting!
  • KINGS OF LEON!!! (minus Matthew). I hope they settle their band/family issues because seeing them gives me bittersweet tinglies.
  • The Waitress returned but she didn’t have any screen time berating Charlie. What a waste!
  • I didn’t believe Rickety Cricket for a second! The Catholic church has a high standard for their priests…
  • Who mixes ammonia and bleach? Everyone’s favorite Wild Card, that’s who!
  • I don’t know what Dennis did that caused his fall from grace but they better explain in Part 2.


See ya later Dirt Grub and Ronnie the Rat. Hope ya suck each other’s rotten peckers until you get mouth cancer.” -Dee

Don’t play coy with me you little bitch!” -Dennis

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