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thoughts on the newsroom: news night 2.0

Previously on The Newsroom: We Just Decided To

  • Will is worried about the show ratings after his incident at Northwestern.
  • Maggie ruins a huge potential interview hours before the news goes live.
  • Mackenzie employs a new strategy that the newsroom is to abide by.
  • Will tries to “carry” a makeshift interview and then attempts to revise a Republican’s quote to keep his ratings up in that demographic.
  • Mackenzie urges Will to follow suit with her plans and to become the “leader” she knows he can be.

“Will’s not an ass” A noble rally cry from a woman that isn’t afraid of the truth. Thanks to newly recruited Sloan (Olivia Munn) Mackenzie is aware that people think Will’s infidelity was the demise of their relationship when it was the other way around. After a good old fashioned blow-up in front of all the newsroom employees and an inadvertently public email, I think it’s safe to assume that the road to rekindling isn’t going to end here. This is only the beginning of “Willkenzie”! (Patent Pending)

Ratings Whore: I guess,  in a distant Utopian galaxy it would be commonplace to think that accurately processing and delivering the news would drive ratings. But this is America, dammit! Land of bias and perspective. I understand Charlie sticking up for Will and his ability to remain the “good guy” when it comes to network politics but I don’t understand Will’s approach. Going out of the way to try and translate another, all too common, Sarah Palin gaffe and make yourself sound foolish in the long run. And for what? To make sure that you don’t upset the Republican apple cart for one day? If anything, Will should have left it out of the broadcast in general. You can’t follow up that train wreck of an interview with another catastrophe. From this point  forward listen to Mackenzie when she repeatedly screams “Dump it!”.

Maggie, the Cowardly Co-Ed (cont.): Really, Maggie?! Who stays under the bed?! You have to get up during the sexing and slap someone on the a$$! At least? But anyway, at this point I’m not afraid to admit that Maggie is my favorite member of ACN. She is smart, witty, and opinionated but she has been thrown into a completely pressurized situation and is obviously overwhelmed. I’m usually indifferent when it comes to the “underdog” story but I’m all out rooting for Maggie in this one. As long as she gets free of Don before Jim grows weary from his failed efforts.


Be the leader, Will. Be the moral leader of this show. Be the integrity.” -Mackenzie

Fox hired someone with three “Mohammeds” in his  name?!” -Will

Next time on The Newsroom: The 112th Congress

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hbo’s game change: not the worst made-for-tv movie ever

I’m sure there are people that watched Game Change for political reasons; however, I am not one of them. The opportunity to view Julianne Moore (who did a completely spot-on impersonation) as Sarah Palin was the big draw and for that simple reason, this movie was well worth spending two hours in front of the television.

Was it accurate? I’ll leave that argument to the historians, government officials and journalists. Did it entertain? Completely. I was surprised that the movie was so well-paced and only lulled during the first 15 minutes. Think W, the President Bush biopic, but over a shorter span of time. Speaking of Bush, how amazing would it have been if these two were the ones who ran together? The interviews and made up words would have been priceless.

Here are my favorite parts (and trivia) from a movie that probably made McCain and a slew of other people that were involved with the campaign wish ANY other prospective VP had made the cut:

  • Sarah Palin doesn’t curse.
  • Ron Livingston as Mark Wallace. His role wasn’t a major part of the movie, but I haven’t really seen him in anything for a year or two, so I appreciated the appearance. I’m betting someone over at HBO felt they owed him after making Berger such a huge douche.
  • Levi  Johnston once had a mullet.
  • Palin came up with the hockey mom/pit bull/lipstick quote all by herself. Pretty impressive considering that the teleprompter broke in the middle of her speech.
  • Palin’s “flippin’ awesome” in response to one of her history lessons. The same history lessons that were probably better suited for a contestant of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? than the country’s next vice president.
  • Sarah Paulson’s (most recently known as Billie Dean from American Horror Story) amazing portrayal of Nicole Wallace. I can only appreciate this because I remember watching Wallace do interviews during the campaign and thinking how perpetually annoyed she always seemed. Now it makes sense.
  • The scene where Steve Schmidt (Woody Harrelson) coaches Palin on not saying “Senator O. Biden”. The whole bit was funny and unlike the rest of the movie, it was genuinely “ha-ha” funny and not “wow, this is pretty pitiful, how embarrassing for Sarah Palin” funny.
  • “Holy geez, that’s cool.” This is when I believed the earlier assertion that Palin doesn’t curse.
  • The end of the movie when Palin decided she would also make a concession speech, something that had never been done by any VP candidate…ever. This may have marked the end of the election but it was very clear she had no plans to head back to Alaska. Whether or not this happened, it demonstrated how arrogant the “character” became as the little taste of power went to her head. My dad, providing running commentary during our viewing experience, summed this up by saying, “I’ve never seen someone with such a dumb head end up getting such a big head.”
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