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thoughts on community: regional holiday music

Will’s P.O.V.

When I consulted my DVR the day before this episode aired and saw that the focal point was on glee club I expected more than few sarcastic digs about how Glee sucks. And as a proud “Gleek” with aspirations to get accepted into Greendale Community College I was more than torn when the mockery came about. I’m not not one to hold a grudge though so I can forgive my favorite study group because the laugh/mad as hell ratio was in their favor. My favorite moments from the episode:

  • Troy’s family being Jehovah’s Witnesses is super coincidental since Donald Glover’s family is too.
  • I don’t know about you all but I’m counting that performance as Childish Gambino ft. Abed.
  • Annie’s musical number reminded me of a very annoying Harley Quinn. Of all the perfectly perverse combinations one could make of Annie + Harley Community found the worst one. I kind of hate them a little for it.
  • What’s so hard to understand about regionals?
  • NEVER yell out Kings of Leon and not deliver. Because I’ll be mad and briefly think about removing my signature from the Save Community petition.
  • If Britta and Pierce were ever to sing simultaneously I will personally push Earth into our asteroid belt.

Nicole’s P.O.V.

Sarcasm and mockery are two integral pieces of the Community puzzle and tonight, Glee was completely slaughtered with the latter. It was bittersweet watching one of my favorite shows do one of my favorite things at the expense of one of my other favorite shows, but even that turned to sour when I remembered that this is the last new episode until…well…we don’t really know. So on that mildly depressing note, here are my favorite moments:

  • Troy thinking that Annie’s bubbie meant Annie’s boobie(s)
  • Greendale’s glee club had an Asian kid, but he was no Mike Chang
  • Corey Radison (Taran Killam, Saturday Night Live) as the sinister and exaggerated version of Mr. Schue
  • Glee club became a cult and Abed was the indirect leader
  • The writer’s didn’t half-ass this episode and either watch the show or did their research. For example, the piano player in the study room looked eerily like Brad Ellis from Glee
  • Pierce’s face during the baby-boomer Santa medley.
  • Christmas Annie’s voice was annoying, but it was great that she was given that outfit and sent to reel in Jeff. I’m sure all the male (and a few female) viewers appreciated that as well.
  • Shirley was lured in with Jesus and children.
  • Britta fixed everything by Britta’ing the performance.

I’ll miss moments like those during this indefinite hiatus. And somehow, Whitney will be back in January? I kind of hate you NBC.

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thoughts on community: foosball and nocturnal vigilantism

Will’s P.O.V

Things I learned this episode:

  • Troy and Abed LOVE that damn elevator music from the Halloween episode.
  • Annie has always been the most driven character but now she has prove3n to be the most manipulative. Love it.
  • Knowing that Shirley is good at something other than getting on my nerves makes me like her…slightly.
  • Now with Nick Kroll (The League) being addicted to football, futbol, and Foosball I fear that he has been typecast.
  • Foosball should never be so intense…unless there is a Dragonball Z/Boondocks inspired insertion, because that would be/was AWESOME
  • I want to walk around with two friends and a soccer ball so I can reenact a swinging Foosball kick.
  • Even when Abed talks like Christian Bale in Batman I get annoyed.
  • “Big Cheddar” is a horrible nickname.
  • Maybe Shirley and Jeff’s new found “best friend” -ship will make her more relevant to me…maybe.
  • Can I get some more Pierce love. PLEASE!

Nicole’s P.O.V

Things I loved about this episode:

  • Troy getting excited at the thought of an animal hospital, until Abed noted that the animals are the patients.
  • Ruxin!
  • Britta’s exploding phone.
  • Troy humming Abed’s song from Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps. Continuity!
  • Annie’s Christian Bale voice.
  • Yet another legendary Troy freak out.
  • Leonard’s frozen pizza review.
  • Shelly and Jeff interacting. However, in terms of intensity: air hockey > foosball
  • Real life foosball is awesome. Thank you foreigners.
  • Young Shirley is Darryl’s daughter.
  • Annie is a dedicated liar.
  • Dragon Ball Z-esque showdown between Shirley and Jeff? Community REALLY knows their fan base.
  • There weren’t any overly cheesy group scenes.


Women’s shoes? Rick doesn’t have a wife. Or women’s feet?” – Troy

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the best kind of community x parks and recreation mashup

If you’re a fan of Community, you’ll like this. If you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation, you’ll appreciate this. If you are amazing enough to be a fan of both, you will LOVE this.

Community‘s intro x Parks and Recreation‘s style


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community recapping: documentary filmmaking, redux

[Editor’s Note: If Jericho fans can unite themselves long enough to save their show with a few thousand peanuts, surely we can take the time to sign the Save Community petition for ours. And yes, this is more important to us than the economy or occupying anything…you fight for your injustices and we’ll fight for ours.– Nicole + Will]

Will’s P.O.V.

I’d like to start by saying that I clearly have no idea why Community is on the verge of whatever it is on the verge of with the show’s future but NBC has to be beyond idiotic if there is no Community on it’s roster for seasons to come. That being said, at this point I think I would rather see Abed’s behind-the-scenes versions of Community more so than the actual episodes.  I will admit that I was saddened that Pierce wasn’t more involved with episode because he is my mentor on all things politically incorrect but the episode made up for this monumental mistake by making me giggle, so all is forgiven. My favorite moments:

  • That dunk on a 6′ basketball rim during the original commercial made me remember, and cherish, my playskool days.
  • Dean Pelton’s over-exposure of his left nipple was nothing less than sultry with some danger sprinkled in. I wouldn’t mind if he did “segregate the school” after that.
  • Jeff’s identity crisis was genius. I actually thought he was the dean when he walked to his trailer…
  • Annie’s obsession with the dean’s “genius” was cute. We all know she knows what Stockholm Syndrome is…don’t we?
  • Watching Dean Pelton’s videotaped breakdown was awkward and awesome…especially due to the fact that he was stark naked.
  • I don’t know if this Britta/Troy relationship is going to blossom or if they just love to hug each other so much after being berated by Dean Pelton for two weeks.

Nicole’s P.O.V.

A lot was riding on this episode. Not like NBC grasps what’s funny anymore (*cough* Whitney *cough*), but the fans really needed this episode to be funny. So we could condescendingly shout from the rafters, “Yes, this is why I watch Community and you’re an idiot if you don’t,” and I have to say this redux left me feeling assured in my love for this show. Any mock documentary with Abed at the helm was bound to be hilarious, even with the hint of cancellation in the forefront of our minds. My favorite moments in order of appearance:

  • The old Greendale commercial was reminiscent of the Buddy Bands commercial…minus the rad dance moves.
  • Abed called Pierce a curmudgeon (a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man). Yep, that sounds about right.
  • Troy and Britta’s sexual tension.
  • Jeff as Dean Pelton. Not only does Joel McHale really make bald work for him, but his ‘deanisms’ were amazing.
  • Saw the Luis Guzmán statue and thought it couldn’t get any better. Then came the phone call and I was happy enough, but an actual appearance?! A dream come true.
  • The Dean, in a grey hoodie unzipped ever so slightly to the bellybutton and camo pants, looked…dare I say, manly?
  • Fight the power, fight it with your hugs!” Ah, to be the Britta in that semi-sensual Britta/Troy embrace.
  • Britta proclaiming herself as a “licensed psychology major” after a few credit hours as a psych major is funny for the same reason all stereotypes are funny…because they’re true.
  • “Some flies are too awesome for the wall.”
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