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thoughts on shameless: can i have a mother

Previously on Shameless: Father’s Day

  • Grammy Gallagher has been released from prison early and she is out to get her money from her former business associate.
  • The reception for Karen’s wedding is being held at the Jackson household.
  • Steve and Fiona arrange a double date.
  • Lip and Ian are still at odds over West Point, and possibly Karen.
  • Frank is desperate in his efforts to acquire Eddie’s insurance money.
  • Ethel’s sister-wives inform her that they plan on getting her back after their husband’s murder.

And the Grammy Goes To…prison apparently. Then off to get her money from her botched meth lab operation. Now we get to see where Frank issues come from. Maybe not in the sense that she abandons her family but she doesn’t filter her words and she isn’t against stabbing her own son to get an extra $25K. I didn’t think the Gallagher house could support another strong personality but I’m intrigued to see how long Grammy can survive – given her health and all.

Married with (unborn) Children: Now that Karen and Jody are officially hitched Lip is on the outside looking in. Asking Karen to get an abortion wasn’t what I expected from Lip but he hasn’t been having the ideal summer, add a six-pack of hipster beer to that and…yeah. I think, when he comes to his senses, he’ll want to renege and prove that he can do something that his father can’t do in raising a child. I don’t hate Jody but I don’t like that Lip is only getting beat on, physically and emotionally, in every episode since the season began.

“You married a drug-dealers teenage daughter?!” Sounds like an interesting vacay. But really, how in the hell do you arrange that double-date and expect everything to be peachy?! I like that Steve is back, I love that Fiona didn’t immediately brush him away, and I know that they want each other more than any of their other interests at the time – wives included.

Farewell Frank? After finding out that Karen is the beneficiary to Eddie’s money Frank blows up on Jody…in front of Sheila. Does this mean Frank is no longer a welcomed squatter at Sheila’s? He put work in though. He literally put his ass on the line (paraphrasing). I don’t know what other scam Frank can run to get away from working or tending to his family but I have faith he’ll find a way around such trivial tasks.

Ethel Escapes: Maybe Ethel doesn’t want to go back to her home after all? She defends her sister-wives when Kevin and Veronica question their motives but gets on a bus to leave town with Malik. I understand that Kevin may be more concerned with Ethel’s livelihood whereas Veronica may be more concerned with her financial gain, but neither wants her to leave to go back to what they consider an unhealthy lifestyle. Is she taking Malik back to the “Waco-Wackos” so that he can fill the spot her husband left empty?!

On the next Shameless: A Bottle of Jean Nate

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease -without the use of airborne pathogens..


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thoughts on shameless: father’s day

Previously on Shameless: A Beautiful Mess

  • The police are asking questions about Eddie’s death after hi body if found floating in Lake Michigan, and Frank is the prime suspect.
  • Richard takes Fiona to a friend’s wedding for their first date.
  • Now that Karen has made her pregnancy public, the “elders” of the Gallagher household are trying to figure out who the “baby-daddy” is.
  • Veronica thinks that Kevin may be cheating on her because he has been lying about his basketball team having games when they aren’t.
  • Malik has his father “take care” of Ethel’s husband in jail. I think signals were crossed…
  • Debbie’s crush on Little Hank is getting serious.
  • Ian gets upset that Lip got an application to West Point Academy.
  • Steve sighting?


Wanted Man: Of course Eddie was gonna surface (pun) at some point. And of course I would point my finger at Frank too. The man, both directly AND indirectly, killed Dottie – but no ones else knows that. And yes he may have gotten off the hook because of Karen’s confession but why do I feel like Frank is going to get himself in more trouble by throwing it in the face of the detective over his case. Karen said the police ruled Eddie’s death as “inconclusive” not a suicide. Karen and most other people thinks he killed Eddie but the police don’t have the evidence to prove it. My advice: Tread lightly Frank.

Fiona Faking It: I still don’t understand why Fiona thinks Richard cares about where she is or what background she comes from at this point. He likes Fiona for Fiona – whether it’s solely a convenience on his end is unclear. I was glad that Richard’s friend, Garvin, made her tell the truth about herself to Richard, even though he already knew. Also, speaking/typing as someone who was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, when someone asks you where to drop you off you don’t just say “South Side”. We have individual addresses.

Southside Forever”: After going over the odds with Fiona, Lip is convinced that he is the father of her unborn child. It seems as though Karen could care less if Lip is around or not because she has dedicated herself to Jody. I still don’t think Karen is over Lip and she is just throwing herself into her new relationship with Jody to help her get over Lip. I believe Lip isn’t anything like Frank in the sense that he wouldn’t leave his child to “fend for itself” but Karen is still so consumed with her daddy issues that she won’t even give him a chance. Things just haven’t been working out for Lip lately.

Eye Reed Werdz Gewd: Sorry? I don’t understand how a fully-functional human being, such as Kevin, can go all his life without being able to read. I understand he is ashamed of his inept reading skills but you have to tell Veronica about it. She is, probably, the most decent character on the show and she would have understood. Some unfortunate woman almost caught a beating she didn’t deserve. Maybe it all worked out in the end though. I’d take Veronica’s tutoring over flash cards any day.

Oh, Neighbors: Well…Steve’s back! Like physically. Like next door. Like he was 15 feet away from Fiona. We knew it was coming and I couldn’t wait. We know Fiona has run the emotional gamut when it comes to Steve and she has been trying to stay busy, socially, to help her move on but what happens next? Does she try to balance her burgeoning relationship with Richard with her inevitably oncoming reboot of a relationship with Steve? Is this going to bring Tony back into the picture? If not as a potential suitor for Fiona – because she has shown him almost no interest – then maybe to run Steve out of town again. To quote a great poet of our time, Bart Scott of NFL fame: “Can’t wait

On the next Shameless: Can I Have A Mother

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease -without the use of airborne pathogens.

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thoughts on shameless: a beautiful mess

Previously on Shameless: I’ll Light A Candle For You Every Day

  • Fiona has to deal with the repercussions of her actions with Craig in the form of his wife, Lucy Jo. Of course, Lucy Jo has every reason to be upset with Fiona but having your children hold up a banner in public that reads “Fiona Gallagher Had Sex With Our Daddy” may have been a bit much…maybe?
  • Karen is getting serious about her engagement with Jody (Zach McGowan), so much so that she is cutting Lip off sexually. But Lip is determined to find some dirt on the, seemingly, reformed Jody.
  • Frank  knows that Sheila is close to being fully prepared for the outside world so he tries to find ways to scare her back into confinement.
  • Debbie is planning a sleepover but Fiona realizes that Debbie doesn’t have any friends that are her age.

“You always pick pussies”: Fiona just seems to be striking out personally this summer. Working nights has left everyone else in the house to fend for themselves – especially Debbie – and she can’t seem to find a guy that is going to help her get over Steve. Her little trist with Craig has done nothing but cause her more grief than pleasure. She hasn’t gotten to far with Adam (James Wolk) – and it doesn’t look like she wants to – Jasmine is still trying to get her to hook-up with Richard. Also, what happened to Tony?! Is he just waiting for Steve to return so he can cause more drama? I’m sorry that people think this way about Fiona’s choice in men but if Frank AND Veronica say it then it has to be true…

Too Late for Lip?: We’ve all seen it coming for weeks now but it seems as of this episode Lip is officially the odd man out  in Karen’s romantic life. At this moment it seems as though it may be too late for Lip to get back in Karen’s good graces after he is caught stealing Jody’s wallet and sending Mandy Milkovich over to Karen’s house, while Karen was at work, to have sex with Jody. Lip is also at odds with Ian about he and Karen’s relationship as well. Ian has the “you can’t turn a (w)ho(re) into a housewife” mentality but Lip doesn’t want to hear it. It’s obvious that Lip has genuine feelings for Karen but I just don’t know what else he can do to pry her away from Jody…unless Jody doesn’t like his fiancee being pregnant with someone else’s (Lip or Frank?!) child.

The Sky is Falling: Frank knows his time mooching off Sheila is at its end so he needs to find a way to keep her inside the house. Trying to make up stories about people being assaulted at unnamed markets, intentionally breaking things around the house so he can fix them, and trying to shoot a gun near Sheila to scare her didn’t seem to deter her from her road to recovery – it did leave Frank with a “scratched cornea” and an eye patch. Honestly, the last thing I was expecting was for landing gear from and airplane to crash a few feet in front Sheila as she was outside but that happened. Now that may have been a bit too over the top for this show – and just saying that is a stretch. Even though this development  clearly helps Frank I’m sure even he had no hand in this. Congrats Frank, you seem to have lucked out yet again.

Debbie’s “Friends”:  Given that Fiona is the closest woman in Debbie’s life, Fiona is who Debbie learns from the most. Debbie has become the busiest member of the family this season but her social life is paying the price. Since the people around her have had to grow up at a quicker rate due to their family structure she has had to follow suit – I mean, two-year-old Liam is already masturbating! I actually think Debbie’s struggle is one of the most genuine because I can tell she wants some normalcy that children her age have but she can’t. I don’t think Debbie will get her chance to be a “normal” 12-year-old but hopefully she gets a glimpse of the grass on the other side.

Next time on Shameless: Father’s Day

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease -without the use of airborne pathogens.

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shameless recapping: i’ll light a candle for you every day

Previously on Shameless: Summer Loving

Just when everyone – maybe just myself – thinks that Frank can’t sink any lower on the morality scale he goes and declines Dottie of her heart so she is destined for death. Debbie’s new obsession with death has the rest of the Gallagher clan worried about her. Fiona finds a purse on the train and is debating whether she will return the money she found or just the purse itself. She is also on the verge of having a fling with her high school crush Craig (Taylor Kinney). Lip is trying to help Ian with his admission process into West Point by helping a military official with a special project. Jody proposes to Karen. Meanwhile at the Alibi Room, Steve is thinking about buying the bar (literally) but Veronica doesn’t think it’s the best idea for them financially.

Frank, really?!: We knew from the beginning that Frank was only after Dottie for her pension but I didn’t think he would really go out of his way to make sure she didn’t get her heart transplant. I didn’t think he would practically kill someone for some cash. And what makes things worse is that he only got $2,000, some heart-stopping sex, and a flat screen for the whole thing (It better had been an LED TV at least!). Not to mention stealing the church offering box. From this point on I promise NEVER to be shocked by ANYTHING Frank Gallagher does. Is there anyway he can stoop lower than this?

Finders Keepers: Haven’t we all found something that wasn’t ours and thought about keeping it? Unless you’re Mother Theresa or Jesus Christ – or some other awesome history person – I’m sure you have. Yeah, Fiona may have spent the money to buy some things for the house and treat them to some buffet action but she realized she had done the wrong thing and tried to make up for it. Even though her attempt at moral redemption didn’t play out the way she had hoped she still showed that she isn’t as flawed as her father.

Karen & Jody…& Lip: Even though Karen and Lip are still in a physical relationship, she seems to be getting ready for life with Jody. She thinks he is on the verge of proposing to her, which he is, so she might be done with Lip. Of course Lip hasn’t addressed how he feels to Karen and soon it might be too late. Besides Fiona, Lip has been taking the brunt of the emotional assault this season but I can’t blame anyone but him for the way he’s handling it.

Dear Diary: Since Fiona has been talking to her old crush Craig she has been thinking about getting a little frisky. Veronica warns her not to mess with married men but Fiona has to find out for herself that having sex in a mini-van filled with car-seats and smashed fruit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I know Fiona is looking for something to fill her void for Steve but she just can’t seem to pick them so far. Now that she has reached out to Steve it’s only a matter of time before her GTA-specialist triumphantly returns.

Buying the Bar: Since Kevin thinks he can better a better bar manager than the senile one the Alibi Room already has, he tells the bar patrons and Veronica about his ambition. Initially Veronica agrees because she doesn’t want to make Kevin feel bad but later she tells him how she really feels. Veronica seems to take the role of the moral conscious for both the Gallagher household and her own but she doesn’t want her husband to resent her for not letting him go into the sketchy business so she backs Kevin’s decision. I don’t think the transition from bartender to bar manager will be seamless but I just hope that it doesn’t drastically change Kevin and Veronica’s relationship. They have to be the closest thing to normalcy the Gallagher’s have.

On the next Shameless: A Beautiful Mess

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease -without the use of airborne pathogens.

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shameless recapping: summer loving

Previously on Shameless: Summertime

With Frank possibly on the way out of the Jackson household he begins to work his way into the graces of Dottie aka “Butterface” (Molly Price) who may be getting her pension soon. Lip finds out that Karen and Jody may be getting serious with their relationship. Mickey is out of jail so he and Ian pick up where they left off with their relationship. Jasmine is trying to get Fiona to “enjoy her summer” by setting her up with wealthy businessmen. Also, Frank rented his room out to a pregnant Asian woman and Debbie is adamant about getting her own room…and getting 2-year-old Liam to stop masturbating. Yep.


Free at last: Mickey needs a job so that he obeys the terms of his probation so Ian gets him a security gig at his store. I don’t know how smart that is seeing as though Kash, Ian’s boss and former sexmate, was the one who shot Mickey and got him sent to jail. I want to see how Mickey handles Ian’s decision to go to West Point Academy for college, Mickey hasn’t shown himself to be the most affectionate person but who knows how he’ll react when he realizes he might lose Ian.

Anything for “Butterface”: We’ve known that Frank will pretty much do anything for some cash and stiff drink – except working a legitimate job to earn it – so doing chores and trying to shack up with Dottie should be commonplace. I want to see if his attempts to solidify his position in Dottie’s heart – pun sort of intended – will lead to an actual relationship or will he just us her like he has been doing with Sheila.

Fiona’s new suitor: It’s still not clear to me if Jasmine is trying to: A) Have Fiona for herself. B) Mold Fiona into an adulterous wingman. C)  Help Fiona get over Steve. Either way, it’s becoming one of the most interesting plot lines to follow so far. Fiona has been hesitant to completely follow Jasmine’s plans but at some point her curiosity will give her the nudge she needs to act on some of the advances. She better hurry before Steve comes back and ends that though.

Sore Lip: Lip has been comfortable with he and Karen’s new relationship. She hangs out with Jody from her Nympho Class but they don’t have a physical relationship then Lip comes and snatches the vagina up like a true gentleman. But now that he sees that Karen and Jody’s relationship has progressed physically how will he handle it? I hope he is able to get over his pride and tell Karen how he actually feels about her before she is gone for good.

On the next Shameless: I’ll Light A Candle For You Every Day

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease -without the use of airborne pathogens.

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