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thoughts on shameless: parenthood

Previously on Shameless: A Bottle of Jean Nate

  • Lip tells Fiona that he dropped out of school during his Senior year.
  • Fiona tells Lip that she will go back and finish high school if he does the same.
  • Steve/Jimmy decides to coach Carl’s football team.
  • Karen and Lip shop around for adoption ideas.
  • Frank catches Ian and Mickey having sex.
  • Mickey sets out to kill Frank so he doesn’t tell everyone what he saw.
  • Lip gets expelled from school but his guidance counselor tells Fiona that another school will except him.
  • Mickey decides not to kill Frank…but he punches a cop instead to intentionally violate his probation.
  • Lip tells Fiona that he isn’t going to school anymore. Fiona gives him an ultimatum: School or leave. Lip leaves…
  • Grammy gives Sheila permission to suffocate her because she doesn’t want to suffer with her cancer anymore.
  • Frank goes to his ex-wife Monica after he finds out his mother is dead.

The Good Ole High School Try: Fiona’s high school days – or education in general – have been a recurring topic this season so this storyline seems to fit. She does everything else so why not go back to school. Her GED program might not be the equivalent to Lip’s actual schoolwork but she sets a great example. I think she’ll complete the program but I don’t see her continuing past that. She has too much to do at home and she isn’t going to leave the reigns in the hands of Lip or Ian and definitely not Frank.

Baby to the Highest Bidder: Lip has been planing on taking care of Karen’s child since he found out she was pregnant but she has her mind set on getting rid of the baby. We all know Lip has “daddy issues” – and rightfully so – but when is he going to tell Karen he would rather make sure the child is taken care of with affection as opposed to money? Lip gets stupid when it comes to Karen but he is only torturing himself the more he lets it go on. She tends to walk right over him – and any other man in her life for that matter. Lip must love being a glutton for psychological punishment because I don’t see why he has let this go on for as long as it has.

Angel of Death? Now that Grammy’s ticker doesn’t tock anymore is Frank going to stop being emo? Hopefully. Is he going to mad horrible decisions because of it? His name IS Frank Gallagher. Case in point, why is he going back to Monica (Chloe Webb)? Didn’t her and her truck driving lesbian lover cause enough hell last season? I could be wrong though. Maybe she comes back and actually tries to do what’s right for the family instead of for herself.

(No Longer) Lost in Translation: Maybe it’s nothing but does Estefania’s phone conversation tip us off to a confrontation in the future? She told someone that she “only wanted to be you” and she isn’t having sex with Steve. Also, she called Liam a “crack baby”.

On the next Shameless: Hurricane Monica

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease -without the use of airborne pathogens...

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thoughts on shameless: a bottle of jean nate

Previously on Shameless: Can I Have A Mother

  • Jessica invites Fiona to a party on one of her “friend’s boat”.
  • Kevin and Veronica look for a pet as a replacement for Ethel.
  • Karen goes to Lip for advice on how to get out of her marriage with Jody.
  • Peggy recruits Carl to help her get her meth lab operation running again.
  • Fiona confronts Steve/Jimmy about all of his lies.
  • Lip decides to drop out of school to get a job to support Karen’s child.
  • Jessica makes a move on Fiona but it doesn’t pan out as she had hoped it would.
  • Lip and Ian – with the help of Peggy – decide that a fight will settle their dispute.

Fool Me Once… Maybe I was delusional in thinking that Fiona would just let Steve right back into her life. I knew he had wronged her in surplus – and even brought Lip along for the ride for good measure. I know he got married to a stranger, lived a double life, and stole cars but somewhere around there they both want to be together. I don’t want to believe that her and Steve are completely done but I understand he has to do more than he usually would to gain Fiona’s trust back. She doesn’t allow that many people outside her family to get close to her (with the exception of Kevin and Veronica) and Steve is only making it worse.

A Grandmother’s Love: Seriously Grammy Peggy? A meth lab? And you choose Carl?! That plan is destined for failure. I knew by the end of the episode Carl was either going to blow something up or needing a really good dental plan. Also, don’t do meth. I hope that little venture into the hardcore drug production was just this episode though. She can keep making Frank interact with his children for as long as she is around, since her cancer is, probably, going to lead to her demise fairly soon.

Room at the Alibi: Is Kev the new bar manager? He did ship Stan off to the old folk’s home because he wasn’t in any shape to run the Alibi Room not to mention just living by himself. I don’t think Ethel is coming back anytime soon so maybe his new promotion will keep him occupied.

Newlywed Bliss: When I think love I think “morningwood”, Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose“, and prenuptial agreements. Call me a romantic or whatever. I didn’t think Karen and Jody were going for the long haul or anything but didn’t they just get married last week? I’m all for Lip being happy but at this point it looks like Karen may be more “baby momma” material as opposed to an actual girlfriend.

The Kiss that Missed: If we thought Fiona was already having her fair share of problems with men this summer just add Jasmine to the mix and then it’s a party. I thought it was fairly obvious that Jasmine wanted more of a physical relationship with Fiona since we met her last season. I’m a pretty friendly guy and all but I don’t lick my friend’s ear to wake him up when a swift pillow to the face will suffice. I hope that Jasmine doesn’t just disappear now that Fiona has denied and embarrassed her, maybe she takes more of a “frienemy” role from here on out.

On the next Shameless: Parenthood

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease -without the use of airborne pathogens...

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thoughts on homeland: blind spot

Carrie’s Psychosis: We’ve known since the pilot that Carrie suffers from a form of schizophrenia and that her father has the same illness. We know that she has been taking medication for her illness but we really haven’t seen it’s affects on her work. It’s apparent that she is driven, and maybe to a fault sometimes, but in her line of work is that really all that irregular?

Brody & Mike: I know it may seem as though Brody knows about the relationship between his wife and best friend while he was gone but neither of them, nor Jessica, has actually talked about the situation. Mike seems to still attached to Jessica maybe even more so than Brody is at this point. It may be due to the fact that Brody has ulterior motives that we don’t know about yet. But until then he just seems like an uninterested former POW trying to readjust to civilian life.

Carrie & Brody: After Carrie “ran into” Sgt. Brody at a Veteran’s meeting at the church she seems to be friendly, almost flirtatious, with Brody. I can’t tell whether her intentions are genuine or a ploy to get closer to Brody for information – I’m willing to bet that it’s the latter…but she is crazy so who knows, right? Brody seems to look at Carrie in a more affectionate way than he does his own life. I’ll be the first to say I have NO IDEA what is up Brody’s sleeve by this. Maybe he knows about Carrie’s spy games somehow or maybe he is actually developing a crush on his “enemy”?

Brody’s Past: Since we never REALLY know Brody’s intentions in the present we are forced to assume which actions are guided by a terrorist agenda and which are just misconstrued. But it seems rather clear cut that Brody make a bold stance in this episode by – and I’m still assuming – passing his former torturer a razor blade to kill himself with. It makes sense if they both (Brody and his torturer) know that any information they get from him in interrogation would be detrimental to a terrorist plot but it can also a raise a bright red flag to the CIA that Brody is in cahoots with Abu Nazir. I think it has become rather obvious that Brody is involved, what I’m not sure of is if he is doing it of his accord.

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homeland recapping: semper i


  • Carrie starts the episode showing how “invested” she has become with Sgt. Brody.
  • Elisabeth Gaines, an advisor to the Vice President, visits Estes asking about Brody’s “psychological profile”.
  • Carrie and Saul inform Estes about the financial transaction that she believes was made with Lynne Reed’s necklace.
  • Carrie’s warrant for surveillance has expired and Saul commands that she follow orders.
  • while the Brody family is at church Carrie and her crew remove their microphones and cameras from the house. Carrie spends time looking for clues but finds nothing.
  • Estes asks Carrie’s new partner Danny to make sure she isn’t running her own operations on the side. Estes tells him he could get a promotion if he is successful.

  • We find that Estes had an affair with Carrie before she went to Baghdad.
  • Carrie and Danny think they have a suspect to link to the financial transaction in Raqim Faisel (Omid Abtahi). They trail him after work but his “wife” Stacy diverts him from stopping at “home” by signaling him with a flag.
  • Stacy tries to convince Raqim that he shouldn’t worry and continue to live life as usual so no one catches on to them.
  • Carrie and Danny didn’t find anything about Fariq so they move on other potential suspects.
  • Carrie tries to convinve Saul to keep her team (Virgil & Max) on Brody, bu on a lesser scale. He objects.
  • Carrie decides to stakeout Brody’s house. She follows him when he leaves.

Sgt. Brody (& family)

  • Brody is weary as to why his best friend Mike doesn’t want to come in his house lately. Mike doesn’t want to tell him about the relationship he had with Jessica but it seems as though Brody knows already.
  • Gaines introduces herself to Brody after church and asks to take him out to brunch next week. He agrees.
  • Jessica invites Mike over to a gathering they are having at the house. An attempt to deter Brody’s suspicions.

  • Mike brings a random to the gathering in an attempt to throw Brody off the scent a bit more. Brody can see Mike and Jessica interact from a window in the garage…where he is cleaning his gun. Mike goes towards the garage when two shots ring out. Brody shot a deer.
  • Jessica tells him they need to speak with a therapist or their marriage is over.
  • The next day Brody tells Jessica that he is going to a Veteran’s Support Group.

Carrie & Brody

Carrie pretends that she frequents the meetings that Brody is at. Brody recognizes her from the debriefing when he returned from the Middle East. Carrie leaves and Brody follows her to the parking lot. Carrie tells Brody that no one is supposed to know who she is at the meetings. Brody says he won’t go back if she doesn’t. He asks if “they can hold their own private meeting” in the parking lot and Carrie says “it’s tempting”. Carrie tells Brody she served in Baghdad. Brody asks “How come it’s so hard to talk about with people who weren’t there?” Carrie answers (with a question) “How come it’s so hard to talk with anyone who wasn’t there about anything at all?”. Carrie gets in her car when it begins to rain with a smile…


  • Is Carrie attracted to Brody or is she just trying to find another way to keep tabs on him?
  • Is Brody attracted to Carrie or does he have another agenda?
  • Is Danny going to side with Estes or tell Carrie of his plan?
  • What is on the agenda for Raqim and Stacy?



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homeland recapping: clean skin


We start with Lynne Redd and Prince Farid…uh…finishing up? After that he leaves the room to meet with someone. This gives Lynne enough time to download information from his cell phone to a special flash drive. She nearly gets caught doing so. Prince Farid  gives her a beautiful – and clearly baller (sorry for that) – necklace.

Carrie informs Estes and other members of the unit of Lynne’s success during a briefing. As Carrie is trying to connect Farid to Abu Nazir she is questioned by her mentor Saul. It is rather obvious that she is still reaching for a connection that isn’t so clear. She confronts Saul about his questioning method after the briefing. He says that he would have asked any other person the same questions.

Dana and friends

Carrie meets up with Lynne in a locker room to get the data from his phone. Carrie wants insight on Farid’s behavior from Lynne. Lynne says that the Prince is just “having fun” and she doesn’t think he is involved with anything dangerous. There is no clear evidence of any terrorist plot on Farid’s phone. Carries talks with Saul again and he tells her that he is mad that she lied to him.

Carrie is at her home expressing her frustrations to Virgil about not finding anything solid against Farid or Sgt. Brody when Lynne calls from a nightclub restroom. Lynne is scared because Farid’s assistant told her that Farid wants her to make a new business associate “feel welcome” and this is unusual for the Prince. Carrie lies and says that her “protection” is watching her. Carrie and Virgil rush to Lynne’s aid. Meanwhile at the club, Lynne is in the alley with a limo driver who is to take her to the Prince’s business partner. They exchange small-talk then he shoots her twice in the torso. He takes the necklace Farid gave her earlier, gets in the limousine, and drives away. Carrie and Virgil arrive on the scene soon thereafter but Lynne is already dead.

The next day, at CIA HQ, Carrie tells Estes that she wants to speak with Farid since the police took him in for questioning. He shows her tape of the police interrogation of him. Farid seems to be genuinely upset and shaken by Lynne’s death. Estes tells Carrie that they no longer have custody of him because they didn’t feel like it was worth the harassment. Carrie goes to the morgue to see Lynne and Lynne’s parents are there.

Afterwards she goes to Saul to vent. She feels like she let Lynne down and she is the reason she is dead. She still hasn’t found any evidence of a money transfer from Farid. Saul asks her if she is sure Farid is involved with Nazir. Saul says that jewelry is “the easiest way to move wealth” in “nomadic culture(s).”

We are then shown Farid’s assistant getting Lynne’s necklace appraised and bargaining for a price. The two men settle on $400K. Carrie asks Saul where he thinks the money goes. We are then showed two unknown characters buying a house near an airport.

Brody Household

  • Sgt. Brody and his family are prepping for an televised interview.
  • Dana wants to tell the media that everything isn’t as perfect as it seems within the Brody household.
  • Dana tells her mother that she knows about her having sex with Mike. She says that she is going to tell her father.
  • Nick seems to bond with Dana instantly when everyone else has been having trouble doing so. He asks that Dana cut her mom some slack.
  • Sgt. Brody tells Dana that “telling the truth but not telling a lie” is the best solution to some problems.
  • During the live interview, when Sgt. Brody is asked how has the reunion been Dana says “Everything has been great. Really really great.”
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