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once upon a time recapping: the evil queen

Previously on Once Upon a Time: Lacey.

This week on Once Upon a Time, everyone has conflicting ideas about the fate of our favorite magical town. In Storybrooke, Regina begins work on her escape plan, but Greg and Tamara have other ideas. Meanwhile, Emma remains conflicted about leaving and instead focuses her energy on Tamara and “Operation Preying Mantis.” In the Enchanted Forest, we see more of Regina’s inner struggle to choose between good and evil.

Once Upon a Time, Snow and Regina

In the Enchanted Forest, Queen Regina is confused why people seem to hate her so much, even as she executes an entire village for refusing to give up the location of the “bandit” Snow White. Fed up with her incompetent minions, she decides to go after Snow herself. With Rumpelstiltskin’s help (and the price of cutting off trade with King George), she transforms into a peasant. The only catch is she doesn’t control the spell, nor can she use magic when it’s active. A disguised Regina comes across some villagers trying to burn and effigy of herself and tries to stop them, only to be blamed for it and sentenced to death. She is saved by none other than Snow White. A feverish Regina awakens to find herself hidden in the woods, tended to by her nemesis. As Snow cleans her wound, she tells of the time a stranger saved her from a charging horse and inspired her to be good. They head out and Regina uses the opportunity to inquire about Snow’s feelings, and is surprised to learn that Snow would forgive the Queen and be a family again if given the chance. This abruptly changes the moment they come across the slaughtered village. Regina pleads with Snow to remember the Queen who saved her from the horse – and gives herself away. She flees and returns to Rumpelstiltskin, prepared to embrace her title of the Evil Queen.

Once Upon a Time, Hook, Greg, and Tamara

In Storybrooke, Tamara and Greg inform Hook that Rumpelstiltskin is very much alive, and offer him a deal: a way to kill magical creatures in exchange for his help in finding someone. Meanwhile, Snow and Charming decide that Regina’s options are to be left behind, or to return to the Enchanted Forest and live out her life in a cell. Overhearing this, Regina decides on a third option: escaping to the Enchanted Forest with Henry via stolen magic bean and then enacting a “failsafe” in the Curse that will destroy Storybrooke. She communicates this to Henry, but he has a problem with the “killing everyone in Storybrooke” part of the plan, so she wipes his memory. At Granny’s, Emma literately bumps into Tamara and discovers a fairy tale cheat sheet in her purse. This, combined with her superpower, leads her to believe that Tamara is the “she” August was trying to warn them about. Snow dismisses her fears, but Henry is all about “Operation Preying Mantis.” Emma explicitly states she’s not getting back together with his father, despite accidentally letting slip about the magic beans and the potential return to the Enchanted Forest. Emma and Henry break into Tamara’s room and are discovered by Neal, who gave Tamara the cheat sheet. They find nothing and Emma slinks away looking like a crazy ex. Hook goes to Regina and offers to help with the self-destruct plan, if it means Rumpelstiltskin will be collateral damage. Regina and Hook go to the vault under the library. Regina reclaims her mother’s bracer from Hook, then pushes him off a ledge (seriously, how has he not broken every bone in his body?) to deal with the tender mercies of a spectral Maleficent while she retrieves the failsafe from Snow’s glass coffin. Regina returns to the library to discover a pissed-off Hook and his new friends Greg and Tamara. She tries to use magic, but the bracer she reclaimed is suppressing her powers – powered by “science” and the “toughest machinery and metals known to man.” Elsewhere, Snow, Charming, and Leroy discover the bean crop has been burned to the ground.

Once Upon a Time, Emma and Tamara

Next week, NEVERLAND!


  • I understand that a lot of this show focuses on the battle of good vs. evil, and I applaud the fact that many of the characters operate in a “grey area,” the sometimes extreme flips between the two are a little tiring.
  • Is it just me, or was Neal acting a little shady this episode? Considering he’s the mastermind con artist, it’s a little hard for me to believe that Tamara was capable of pulling one over on him, especially considering how collected she’s being over the “fairy tales are real” scenario.
  • I’m curious to see how the “science vs. magic” scenario is going to develop. I wonder if Greg and Tamara’s science operates in a similar way to Dr.Whale/Frankenstein’s.

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She is currently terrified of Stanley’s oddly-shaped head on Project Runway. For more tv-centric musings, check out her tumblr.

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once upon a time recapping: welcome to storybrooke

Previously on Once Upon a Time: The Miller’s Daughter.

This week on Once Upon a Time, we learn that Henry wasn’t the first child Regina longed to call her own. Back in Storybrooke’s early days, a father and son from the “real world” wander into town and Regina is desperate to make them stay. In present day Storybrooke, Regina uncovers a spell that would kill Snow and make Henry hers – giving her everything she wants.

Once Upon a Time, Regina and Owen

In Storybrooke circa 1983, a father (John Pyper-Ferguson, who the nerdy among you may recognize from Battlestar Galactica and Caprica) and son are camping in the woods and bonding over making square knot key chains when a purple cloud of magic hurtles towards them. When they emerge from their tent, a tree has fallen on their car and the town of Storybrooke has appeared out of nowhere. Meanwhile, Regina basks in the glory of her successful curse, even going so far as to bring Mary Margaret to a comatose David’s bedside to secretly gloat. Her good mood is spoiled when Kurt and his son Owen interrupt her breakfast at Granny’s, and Graham (Hi, Graham! We missed you!) confirms they’re not part of the curse. Eager to be rid of them, Regina returns to the two at Granny’s to inform them their car will be repaired soon. Yet the monotony of town begins to wear on Regina, so she invites Kurt and Owen to a dinner of sub-par lasagna (forgot the red pepper flakes, perhaps?). Regina and Owen make apple turnovers and bond over talk of their dead mothers. She asks them to stay in town but Kurt refuses. Later, he walks in on Regina commanding Graham to prevent them leaving, leading to a car chase to the town line. When they’re cut off, Kurt tells Owen to run and when Regina sees how scared he is, she lets him go. Owen returns with state troopers to the town line, but Storybrooke is no longer there.

Once Upon a Time, Regina and Henry

In present day Storybrooke, Regina is mourning over her mother’s coffin when Rumpelstiltskin appears to pay his respects. She is determined to make Snow pay, but Rumple warns her that vengeance will cost her Henry. Meanwhile, Snow is so overcome with remorse that she refuses to get out bed, and Emma is forced to tell Henry that Snow was “partially responsible” for Cora’s death. Regina goes through Cora’s things and finds a small scroll. When Rumple and Charming later investigate the vault they discover she intends to cast the “Curse of the Empty Hearted.” It will give Regina everything she wants: it will force Henry to love her, and she needs the heart of her worst enemy, i.e. Snow, to complete the spell. At Granny’s, Nealfire invites Henry to stay with him in New York to avoid the curse, but Henry decides destroying magic is the best solution instead and sneaks out the back to enact his plan. Henry plans to drop dynamite down the wishing well, leading to a standoff between Regina and Emma, Neal, and Charming with him in the middle. Proving once again how much she loves her son, Regina destroys the curse and the others back down. Later, Snow goes to Regina and begs for death to end the feud and save their families. Yet when Regina rips out her heart, there is a spot of darkness on it – Snow’s actions have blackened it. Regina is content to return Snow’s heart and watch her destroy herself. Meanwhile, Greg captures the whole thing on his phone, and when he gets back in his car he’s got a square knot key chain – the adult Owen vows to find his father.

Next week, the real world inches closer to Storybrooke, and August(!!) returns.

• I’m a little confused about the dynamics of early Storybrooke. The episode seems to imply that everyone affected by the curse engaged in a repetitive routine day in and day out. So did the curse evolve over time? Did Regina change it when she brought Henry in? Otherwise, wouldn’t he eventually notice that the kids he went to school with never aged and Mary Margaret’s class made birdhouses every day? I’m not sure if this is a plot hole or something that will be explained as we get more of Storybrooke’s history.
• Ok, crazy theory time: how much do you want to bet Tamara is actually “Her?” This show rarely introduces “one-off” characters (as this episode proves), so she’s got to be connected somehow.

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She is currently terrified of Stanley’s oddly-shaped head on Project Runway. For more tv-centric musings, check out her tumblr.

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once upon a time recapping: the queen is dead

Previously on Once Upon a Time: Manhattan.

This week on Once Upon a Time, revenge is on everyone’s mind. In New York, Hook finds Rumpelstiltskin and a return to Storybrooke is the only thing that can save him. In Storybrooke, Cora and Regina come out on top – but Snow is not giving up without a fight. Finally, in the pre-Curse Enchanted Forest, we learn what happened to Snow’s mother.

Once Upon a Time, Snow and the Queen

In the pre-curse Enchanted Forest, the court is preparing a ball for Snow’s birthday. The little princess is quite snooty – especially when she catches her servant Johanna (played by Lesley Nicol, better known as Downtown Abbey’s no-nonsense cook Mrs. Patmore) trying on the tiara she will inherit. The Queen (Rena Sofer) schools her daughter on how to be a benevolent ruler, but collapses in pain mid-lecture. The healers are at a loss, so Johanna mentions to Snow that the Blue Fairy might be able to help. The Blue Fairy offers Snow a forbidden magic to save her mother – a candle that will trade someone’s life for the Queen’s. Snow cries to her mother that she wasn’t strong enough to use dark magic to save her, but the Queen praises her goodness with her last breath. After the funeral, Cora appears to gloat over the Queen’s body – even if she wasn’t able to corrupt Snow with her Blue Fairy deception, she vows her daughter will be queen one day.

Recap from Once Upon a Fan

In New York, Emma and Rumpelstiltskin commiserate over the fact that their sons are not exactly happy with them. Nealfire treats Henry to some New York pizza that is “delicious, cheesy, and doesn’t lie,” but their bonding time is interrupted when Hook appears and stabs Rumple. Emma knocks out the pirate (seriously, how does he not have brain damage by now?) and locks him in the basement. Unfortunately his hook was poisoned and the only thing that can save Rumple is magic – meaning they need to return to Storybrooke, and fast. Nealfire offers to captain Hook’s ship back to Storybrooke – apparently the real world wasn’t his first stop after the Enchanted Forest – and works on getting them a car to get to the harbor. Emma receives an update via text from Snow, and gets Rumple to give up the location of his dagger so they can get before Cora does. Emma and Neal go to retrieve their ride – from Neal’s fiancé, Tamara.

Once Upon a Time, Snow and Regina

In Storybrooke, Snow is not in the mood to celebrate her birthday. A mysterious present contains her tiara, and she’s happy to discover that Johanna is in town. They have a tearful reunion, which is interrupted when Snow discovers Cora and Regina digging for the dagger off in the woods, with no success. Meanwhile, Hook attacks Charming at the sheriff station and retrieves his hook. Snow revives Charming and gives him the bad news – but she thinks she can turn Regina against her mother. The two meet at Granny’s; Snow offers Regina “one last chance” to be good, to which she replies “Hey, remember that time I saved your life and then you shunned me? No, thanks.” With help from Emma, Snow and Charming retrieve the dagger from the clock tower. Regina and Cora appear with Johanna in tow, and the revelation that Cora was responsible for the Queen’s death. It’s Johanna’s life for the dagger, and Snow caves, only to have them murder her anyway. With their cover blown, Regina worries what Cora’s endgame will be. Over Johanna’s grave, Snow vows to kill Regina.

Next week, Snow and Regina have an epic showdown, and apparently someone dies.

• Both Baelfire and Rumpelstiltskin are a “few centuries” old. So while Rumple was creating the curse, we can assume Balefire was in Neverland. I have only one question: can I have epic Baelfire and Hook Neverland adventures like, RIGHT NOW PLEASE?
• Stay tuned for Storybrooke: The Deadliest Small Town in Maine that No One Knew Existed – Until Now, a documentary that is sure to be in the works if this battle between good and evil escalates.
• Cora and Snow’s mother – hopefully there is more backstory to come.

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She is currently terrified of Stanley’s oddly-shaped head on Project Runway. For more tv-centric musings, check out her tumblr.

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once upon a time recapping: queen of hearts

Previously on Once Upon a Time: Into the Deep.

This week on Once Upon a Time, it’s the winter finale!

Once Upon a Time, Regina and Hook

In pre-curse Enchanted Forest, Hook stages a rescue in order to learn how to kill Rumpelstiltskin from Belle, which ends about as well as you’d expect. Regina (rocking an AWESOME dress) finds him in the cell and cuts him a deal. She intends to transport Rumpelstiltskin to land without magic, where he will be easily defeated. In order to do that, however, he needs to kill Cora for her first. With the aid of Jefferson’s hat, Regina sends Hook to Wonderland with a now enchanted hook to rip out her heart. The Queen of Hearts is none other than Cora (who else?), but Hook’s murderous attempt fails since she isn’t foolish enough to keep her heart where everyone else does. She uses him to bring her back, where she intends to steal Regina’s heart. However, as Cora feigns death, Regina admits she killed her mother because she loves her, and love is weakness. This prompts Cora to wait out the curse instead, so she can return to aid her daughter once it’s broken.

Once Upon a Time, Emma

In present day Enchanted Forest, Emma and Co. reach the cell, where they find an empty ink bottle and a parchment with Emma’s name written over and over. To add to the bad news, the heart-controlled Aurora lowers the gate and traps them in the cell. Cora and Hook arrive to steal the compass and gloat. They then go to Lake Nostos where Cora restores the waters – the final element they need to create a portal. Snow has an epiphany and realizes the parchment contains a spell written in the ink, and uses it to destroy the bars of the cell. Aurora asks to be left behind; Mulan promises to restore her heart. The heroes arrive at the lake just in time. In the heat of the fight, Hook saves Aurora’s heart just before it falls through the portal and gives it to Mulan, who rushes off to aid the princess. Emma and Hook have the most innuendo-filled fight ever until she gets the compass and clocks him in the face with it. Cora tries to steal Snow’s heart but Emma gets in the way. Emma’s special brand of magic – love – keeps her heart intact and knocks Cora down. They go through the portal. Mulan returns Aurora’s heart, and they vow to save Philip. Hook and Cora use plan B – a magic bean.

Once Upon a Time, Regina

In Storybrooke, with David under a sleeping curse, Mr. Gold and Regina have no way of knowing if their message got through. The only way to ensure that Cora doesn’t reach Storybrooke is to destroy the portal. Regina argues they could be preventing Emma and Snow from coming home, but Gold calls it a win-win: they either stop Cora or Regina becomes the only parent in Henry’s life. It’s enough to tempt her, so she lies to get Henry out of the way and then the two steal the fairy dust from the mine. Ruby and Leroy discover this and break the bad news to Henry. Gold and Regina go to the well that “restores that which was lost” and use the dust to create a barrier. In a heart-wrenching scene, Henry arrives and begs Regina to reconsider, asking her to have faith in him. She destroys the barrier just in time for Emma and Snow to return. Henry thanks Regina for choosing good, Snow revives Charming, and everyone goes off for a celebratory dinner at Granny’s – without inviting Regina, of course. Just when I’m starting to think this way too much of a happy ending (for everyone but the mayor), we zoom over to a pirate ship in the harbor, bringing Cora and Hook to poor Storybrooke.

Once Upon a Time, Cora and Hook

See you all in the new year!

• Hats off to Lana Parrilla, because she is killing it this season. Regina has grown so much, and deserved so much better than what she got this episode. C’mon Emma, SHOW SOME RESPECT, PLEASE.
• How much does influence does Rumpelstiltskin really have over Emma’s destiny? She may have her own special brand of magic, but I want to believe his power over her name will have some meaning in this plotline.
• I am so excited for all the havoc Hook and Cora are going to unleash!

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She is currently indulging her addiction to medical dramas by rewatching all of Grey’s Anatomy. Follow her on twitter @nicolemnelson and check out her tumblr.

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once upon a time recapping: lady of the lake

Previously on Once Upon a Time: We Are Both.

This week on Once Upon a Time, Charming continues to look for a way to find Snow and Emma, while Henry starts an “operation” of his own. Meanwhile, Snow and Emma navigate through the dangers of the Enchanted Forest and some difficult emotions. In the pre-curse Enchanted Forest, Snow and Charming learn that the road to saving the kingdom requires some sacrifice.

In pre-curse Enchanted Forest, Snow and Charming have their hands full with fending off King George’s men. During an attack, they split up. Charming heads to his mother’s cabin, but Snow is captured by the disgraced Sir Lancelot (played by Sinqua Walls, who fans of teen shows will know from Teen Wolf, Secret Life of the American Teenager and Friday Night Lights) and brought to King George, who curses her with infertility. His men dump her in the woods. She comes across Lancelot, who left the King’s service after his treatment of Snow, and warns her that men are on the way to Charming and the cabin. They arrive too late – Charming defeats the soldiers but his mother Ruth (played by Gabrielle Rose) is mortally wounded. The only thing that could help her are the magical waters of Lake Nostros. On the journey to the lake, Ruth tries to give Snow an amulet that indicates the gender of her future child, but she admits to Ruth that she’s been cursed. The lake is dry save for one sip – and Snow insists Ruth drink it. Her health doesn’t improve so Snow and Charming grant her dying wish of a wedding, with Lancelot officiating. As they lay Ruth to rest, Snow attempts to break the news of her infertility  to Charming, but the amulet indicates she will have a child, and Snow realizes that Lancelot put the enchanted water in the wedding chalice.

Once Upon a Time, Jefferson and Henry

In Storybrooke, Henry wants his grandfather’s help on “Operation Scorpion,” but Charming insists that Jefferson was a dead end and would rather Henry stay far away from magic as possible. Henry seeks out Jefferson on his own, but he has nothing to offer and instead suggests there might be something in Regina’s vault. When Henry notices Jefferson holding a flyer drawn by his daughter, he insists that they should be reunited so she’s not left wondering. Afterwards, Henry tricks Regina into leaving her office so he can steal her skeleton keys and break into her vault. The magical objects down there prove to be dangerous, but Charming arrives just in time to prevent Henry from being hurt. Charming promises Henry that they’ll get Emma and Snow back together. Later, Jefferson tearfully reunites with Grace. Charming offers to train Henry with a wooden practice sword as D.A. Albert Spencer (aka King George) watches ominously from a parked car.

Once Upon a Time, Lancelot and Mulan

In the Enchanted Forest/Haven, the minute Snow regains consciousness and sees Cora she freaks the hell out. Emma lets slip that she and Regina “share” Henry before Emma and Snow are taken to meet the leader of the camp, Lancelot. Snow asks for permission to go in search of a possible portal, but refuses to elaborate. He sends them off with Mulan, but Aurora is not happy that Philip’s “killers” are walking free. When they stop to make camp Aurora unsuccessfully tries to kill Snow and Emma accidentally draws out an ogre, which Snow defeats. The four women soon arrive at the old palace in hopes of finding the wardrobe that sent Emma to Storybrooke. The wardrobe is intact but powerless, so they decide to take it back to Haven – and Lancelot suspiciously appears to help them to do just that. Turns out that Cora killed the real Lancelot and has been posing as him. They fight, but after Emma torches the wardrobe and Mulan joins the fight, Cora makes a hasty retreat. With Lancelot gone, Mulan dubs Snow the leader of Haven. Emma apologies for destroying the wardrobe to protect Henry, and finally realizes how much Snow gave up to send her away, tearfully admitting, “I’m not used to anyone putting me first.” They hug, and cry, and I cry too (3 for 3 so far this season, damn!). After they leave, Cora reappears to collect some ashes from the wardrobe, which appear to retain some power.

Next episode, Captian Hook appears!

• I wonder if Cora is the reason that Haven and the surrounding land were spared from the curse? Did her magic nullify Regina’s?
• Once again, I continue to be perplexed by the heart vault and its connection to magic. Did it go dormant when Regina lost her powers? Is back now that she has magic? I’m hoping more will come of it this season.

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She is currently indulging her addiction to medical dramas by rewatching all of Grey’s Anatomy. Follow her on twitter @nicolemnelson and check our her tumblr.

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