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true blood season five trailer

Last month True Blood reminded us of what was before, but with the newest trailer, we learn what’s to come.

Sex. Death. Explosions. Pretty standard stuff for everyone’s favorite summertime show.

Also, Bill has a new haircut and it looks like Steve Newlin will be back for an episode or two.

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true blood season five: echoes of sookie’s house

True Blood returns this summer and while this video isn’t quite as tease-y as “Buried Tease“, it does sum up all of season four. We don’t know if Tara will live or die (I’m placing an early bet on Bill coming to turn her into a vampire), but we all know this isn’t the end of the Bill/Sookie/Eric love triangle.

Watch. Enjoy. Patiently wait for the show’s return.

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true blood season finale details [the ‘spoiler alert’ is implied]

Michael Ausiello is my go-to for any and all TV-related spoilers. I have been wondering how these last few True Blood episodes are going to wrap up all of the many storylines that I’ve loved (and hated) this season.

Last year Alan Ball swore the clusterfuckery that was season three’s finale was to move us in a direction for a great new season. With everything all over the place that is definitely still up for debate, but at least these finale spoilers give me hope.

Will Sookie use those powers of hers to save Bill and Eric from Mar…er…Antonia’s control? How does it all play out if Hoyt…sorry this is TB we’re talking about…WHEN Hoyt finds out about Jason and Jessica? Can we finally get the real (pre-Jesus) Lafayette back?

Check out the full article for the tidbits you’re sure to analyze over the next two weeks.


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true blood season four: most valuable performance

According to Ken Tucker over at EW.com, Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) is giving this season’s best performance. One of the many solid points he makes:

“For a gal raised in a conservative, abusive Southern household, brought to vampiric glory by Bill Compton, Jessica has shown a striking ability to be open-minded about the mind-blowing netherworlds she’s encountering, and Woll is playing Jessica’s scenes with the various members of Bill’s battalion of vampires skillfully. (I particularly enjoy Jessica’s exchanges with Pam, impeccable little dialogues in which the callow meets the cynical to great comic effect.)

Well fellow Trubies, do you agree? Is Woll’s Jessica any match for Alexander Skarsgård’s dazed and confused Eric Northman? Or is it still too early to pick a MVP for this season?

Personally, I think Jessica has been one of the few major TB players to have a varied storyline this season that offers Woll a range of ways to play the character, which kind of puts her at an unfair advantage. Once Eric returns to his normal (less sweet, more sinful) self and Anna Paquin is offered a little more depth with Sookie’s plot, I think the playing field will be leveled.

Once the final three episodes have played out, we’ll revisit this topic and see if the argument still holds weight.

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