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sons of anarchy recapping: j’ai obtenu cette

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Darthy

Kurt Sutter can really write a season finale! While I’m depressed that I have to wait months for season six to start up, this was the best way for season five to end.

  • It is the day that Otto gives his testimony to law enforcement about the events that left Nurse Toric dead. Otto decides that he’s rather bite his own tongue off than talk to law officials again (probably because talking once against SAMCRO basically left his life in shambles). Lowen delivers the news to Tara about Otto’s defiance and is relieved that she can move on with her career move to Oregon now that her arm is pretty much healed.
  • Gemma finds out about Tara’s plans to leave Charming with her grandsons. Gemma is finally fed up with Tara, and tells her that if she leaves Charming, she will testify against Tara, claiming Tara premeditated the murder of the nurse to overturn the RICO charge.
  • SAMCRO and Nero’s thugs have a new enemy: a quickly growing gang lead by a man named Dante. The boys head to a warehouse where Dante holds canine fight clubs. They ambush the men and attack Dante. Tig also shows his softer side as he is outraged and disturbed by the dog fights, and takes one of the injured ones home to be saved.
  • It is also the day that Jax must deliver Tig to Pope as part of their deal. Jax and Pope made a new deal about Charming Heights, where SAMCRO will receive lucrative advances on the development, which Pope has paperwork made up and faxed over to the Mayor. Jax convinces Tig to follow him to a warehouse that is believed to be holding dogs that are used for fighting. Once there, Jax pulls a gun on Tig as Pope and his cronies show up. Pope hands over the paperwork, and it would seem that the deal is sealed as Tig is tied up and screams in anger as he is dragged away. BUT, Jax, being the brilliant character that he is, pulls a gun on Pope’s men and charges into the building before Tig is killed. Jax manages to detain Pope, having Tig kill him, as a way of karma against Pope’s eye for an eye policy.
  • Jax alerts Roosevelt of the murder that has taken place at the warehouse. Jax also leads Roosevelt to the location of the murder weapon–which is revealed to be Clay’s gun. Apparently, Jax had this whole plan set up to get Clay back for good.
  • Meanwhile, Clay is at his home with Gemma and Juice, who are helping him pack for his big move to Belfast. Gemma has told Clay that she plans on joining him in Belfast and he is delighted. However, the packing is cut short when Roosevelt and his team show up at Clay’s with an arrest warrant for the murder of Damon Pope. Clay looks to Gemma for a release, but Gemma betrays him, saying he left for a few hours with the gun. Clay is booked and sent off to prison.
  • Bobby is upset about Jax’s actions against Clay. Bobby then removes himself as Vice President of SAMCRO.
  • Wendy meets Tara at her office. Wendy tells Tara that Jax showed up the previous night and injected her with drugs in order to keep her threats null and void. Tara is appalled by Jax’s behavior, and she and Wendy conspire to keep Thomas and Abel safe from the evil that lurks in Charming. That evening, Tara confronts Jax about Wendy and reveals that she has taken the job in Oregon and is taking the boys with her. Tara gives Jax an ultimatum: if he loves her and the boys, he will escape Charming as well. Before Jax can tells Tara what a bitch she is, Roosevelt shows up at their door, with an arrest warrant for Tara on the conspiracy to murder Nurse Toric. Tara is mortified while Jax looks on in apathy. Since the show is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this vaguely reminded me of Hamlet’s speech to Ophelia “get thee to a nunnery!”

Predictions for Next Season:

  • Jax is going to need to find a new Vice President.
  • Tara is going to do some jail time. I think Jax knew all along what Tara was planning on doing, and he and Gemma conspired against her so Jax would not lose his boys (he seems to do almost anything to keep his family together)
  • Pope is dead, but his right hand man, Marks, to be a bit suspicious of the circumstances of Pope’s death, so this may redeem Clay, or he might be killed in season 6.
  • Nero is back in the gang business, but he has plans to get out. Will he actually by the farm for his son, or will the gang life suck him back in?
  • What is going to happen to Clay’s Belfast deal? The IRA clearly will have some issues with his arrest.
  • I look forward to seeing Jimmy Smits (aka Nero) and Donal Logue (aka Lee Toric) next season.


“It’s not about being smart enough to hurt him. It’s about being smart enough to not hurt him.”-Bobby

“Maybe I’m not so different afterall.”-Jax

“You know that who ever kills me will have some serious repercussions!”-Pope

“I’m counting on it,”-Jax

“We both know if we stay here, we’ll end up like the two people we hate the most”-Tara

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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