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how to make it in america recapping: in or out

Ben is going to meet with a new Crisp sales rep and doesn’t want to wear a t-shirt from his brand. Which makes me wonder why so many of us shy away from self-promotion. Are we scared it will come off as self-serving? Or is it just easier to watch other people believe in us than actually show off how much we believe in ourselves. A little off topic, but hey, I warned you last week that I watch this show as much for inspiration as I do for the entertainment value.

The boys meet with Andy, Crisp’s new sales rep, who lacks experience with shopping around a fashion brand. But offers them big dreams and immediate loyalty. Something he’ll be “rewarded” for by the end of the episode.

Rachel’s on the hunt for a new job and proves she’s perfect on paper and can say all the right things in an interview. She lands the job at Biscuit, just like she knew she would. This does nothing for her happiness and what does any respectable transitioning adult do after landing a job they’re not excited about? Call up their weed man and place an order…of course.

Rene is trying to change his image and instead of using his former tactics on Kevin (Andre Royo, Bubbles from The Wire aka more proof that once you’re on an HBO show, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll act your way onto another one), is told he can help with marketing for Rasta Monsta as an alternative payment method for his gambling debt. Kevin is fired from his ad-agency, but not before they advise Rene to get an athlete and do some old fashioned viral marketing. Enter Wilfredo (we first met him as the elusive skater in season one), who isn’t really given an option and becomes the first “celebrity” Rasta Monsta works with.

Cam, who appears to want to make some life changes as well, tries to woo Lulu…unsuccessfully. But it doesn’t deter him from apartment hunting and convincing Ben to go after Nancy Frankenburg (Gina Gershon, gorgeous in both Showgirls and Cocktail) as a potential sales rep for Crisp that could get them in the door at Barneys. Somehow Ben is tasked with getting the samples back from Andy, who doesn’t take things well and departs with a über sarcastic, “Enjoy your weekend, Shabbat Shalom!”

Ben and Cam find themselves at Nancy’s party, hobnobbing with Isaac Mizrahi, but otherwise completely in a “fish out of water” scenario. Between Ben’s lackluster pitch to Nancy and Cam’s childishly frolicking in her son’s bedroom, it wasn’t surprising that the boys left without securing a new sales rep. Fortunately, they left the duffel and Nancy’s son grabbed a Crisp hoodie. Ben tried an earnest approach, but we won’t know until next week if Nancy was impressed.

The best parts of the episode were the interactions between Dom and Rachel. As they went around the city, completely stoned and doing some dog walking, a little spark developed. The expression on Dom’s face after Rachel’s little peck on the lips was hilarious. Hopefully this doesn’t result in heartbreak for Mr. “The whole work needs to learn how to relax,” as that might seriously harsh his perpetual high.

At its end, “In or Out” proved to be another setup episode. Will people fall in love with the revolting taste of Rasta Monsta if/when the drink goes “viral”? Is Ben going to care that Rachel and Dom have something brewing…assuming he even finds out? Does this mean the writers will finally stop making Cam just “Ben’s boy” and give him a deeper story? This is pressing stuff people! And they only have six episodes to cover all of this, lest this season goes down as a dud.

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parks and recreation recapping: born and raised

Parks and Recreation does the dardnest things. Thinking back on the days when filling a giant hole was the sole purpose of the Parks Department, I started to realize this show has never truly disappointed me and (hopefuly) never will. I really enjoyed this episode and not just because Aziz Ansari has the melodic voice of an angel even when singing the ‘Gotcha!’ song. Also, if anyone reading this wants to purchase me a copy of Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America…I wouldn’t turn that down.

Courtesy of NBC

Fifteen Questions About ‘Born & Raised’:

  • Wasn’t that exactly what you would imagine lesbian-Afro-Norwegian funk music to sound like?
  • Would anyone else love to get his or her hands on Ron’s manifesto?
  • Is Chris getting aggressively annoying (and not in the adorable way he was before) or does it just seem that way because of the new haircut?
  • Isn’t it appropriate that Ron not only whittles in his free time, but makes a beautiful, pitch-perfect wooden record once he’s done?
  • Was Joan’s Book Club better or worse than the now defunct, Oprah’s Book Club?
  • When did Ann Perkins become Leslie Knope-style nutty? Was it gradual or did it start with Chris?
  • What does Tom smell like after that obnoxious amount of cologne sprays?
  • Can we spend a few more moments with Andy as Burt Machlan, FBI agent?
  • Joan powdering her vagina (and other parts) his her prerogative, but is that something sexy to tell a guy you’re trying to sleep with? Do men find that attractive?
  • If Alf was a character on Sex and the City, would that have made the second movie better?
  • Why didn’t Chris’ smile work on the Eagleton lady? Again, is it the hair?
  • Was anyone hoping that instead of just bringing it up, Ben would tell us which side he stands on in the whole “Spock/Uhura vs. “Kirk/Uhura” debate?
  • Does everyone really love gross medical stories?
  • Are April and Ron not the cutest? Are you going to start calling people by the wrong name too?
  • They treat Jerry like crap and he missed his daughter’s birthday all for Leslie…wouldn’t it be nice to see him turn into a complete dick for just one episode?

Photo Courtesy of the A.V. Club


“…and Sweetums Cares. A non-profit group that puts umbrella hats on homeless people when it rains.” – Radio Announcer

“At the risk of bragging, one of the things I’m best at is riding coat tails. Behind every successful man is me, smiling and taking partial credit.” – Tom

“What I was 18, Val Kilmer saw me at a mall and told me I should model.” – Joan
“That never happened.”
– Ben

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90210 recapping: greek tragedy

Grab your ADHD pills, kids, because it is going to be a late night of Greek Mixers, paid escorts, stolen cars and Alaskan adventures. All of our story lines from last week—plus Ivy this time—moved as quickly as Dixon’s impending rage storm. Let’s jump right in to the “Greece Mix”…

  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Toga: Naomi is still out for revenge against Holly and the Kappas for being bi-otches, and apparently for issuing the lamest “insults” possible: “Guess we’ll see you at the Greek Mixer tomorrow…oh never mind, that is just for Greeks!” Wow Holly, hope you didn’t hurt too many brain cells thinking of that zinger. Naomi’s original plan was to have initiated sister Annie infiltrate, but it seems Annie will be a bit too preoccupied with other matters soon (more on that later). Even better is Naomi’s new plan, which I highly enjoyed. It may have been a rip-off of The House Bunny, but I really liked Naomi joining a “frumpy” unpopular sorority just to gain access to the Greek system and giving them her sage advice to be cool. Her nuggets of beauty wisdom were hysterical and sharp—“Hang it in another gallery” (regarding one girl’s tattoos being called art) and “It’s better to look good than to feel good.” When Naomi dresses the girls up in extravagant togas for the Greek Mixer and then learns she was duped into thinking this was a costume party (apparently now we are using Legally Blonde’s story line) she still comes through big time for the girls by making a grand entrance. The girls may be pissed that Naomi was using them, but they end up having a great night. And now they all have a great enemy: Holly. Yes, Naomi has truly bonded with her new sisters, and this is shaping up to be a fun plot development. Plus, I hope these girls stick around for a while!
  • Paying her dues: Annie must pay her dues figuratively and literally in this episode. Since she is still cash-strapped (I guess the Marla money situation is in limbo off-screen) Annie must find a way to pay her new sorority dues and get over Liam, all at like the same time…omg. OK, first of all, since Naomi is the one who wanted Annie to stay in the sorority in the first place, why on earth wouldn’t Naomi simply give Annie the money she needs? But, then again, we wouldn’t be treated to this ah-maz-ing development of Annie not knowing she is on a paid escort date with sorority sister Brie. Annie even kisses the guy (to make Liam jealous) but that only earns her some more bucks! Yes, Annie has found her new calling…literally as a call girl. And looks like she is headed down a dark path given how upset she is over Liam ending things. Really Annie? Really? You seemed plenty over him last episode when you were all about cute coffee boy who later turned out to be Marla’s family. But that was before…
  • Liam’s Offshore drilling project: I am pretty sure I saw a sign on the bar Liam bought that said “Offshore – coming soon!” So, I guess we can assume Liam has re-named Salty’s and that we now have the official Peach Pit After Dark 2.0 live music/club scene for these crazy college kids of the new era. The “drilling” refers to Liam banging his Alaskan girlfriend Jane. What is up with this girl? And what is up with Ade wearing a huge winter parka indoors while everyone else rocks tank tops? Jane and Liam already bore me to tears and, once again, I find myself completely un-invested in a Liam relationship because this show is clearly against taking the time to establish them. Instead I have to simply listen to Liam and Jane explain to us in choppy dialog that her husband is dead, Liam feels guilty, and now she is pregnant from her dead husband. And she is only 20 years old. And Liam—who proposed to Annie a mere two weeks ago—is fully ready to commit to Jane. Whatever. We all know your sole purpose on this show now is to simply run your bar where underage students can drink and drama can go down.
  • The Juice is Loose: Dixon has been feeling “crazy focused” on his music lately. Soon, he will just be crazy thanks to abusing prescription meds. His career suffers a major setback, though, when DJ Juice doesn’t show up to hear Dixon play at Liam’s grand opening party (and I am only assuming you spell this guy’s name like the kind of juice you drink). The reason why the Juice doesn’t show? He is pissed that Navid cancelled his recording session at Shirazi Porn Studios. And why did Navid cancel? Well, Navid wanted to cater to Bieber’s people instead and make a lot of money to pay back his sketchy uncle so that he won’t have to owe him anything. Did anyone else laugh when the uncle told Navid that he is now a “family man” and has to support his family? Again, I do not understand why we have Navid and Silver acting like a 45-year old married couple with a teenage daughter. And, I still don’t get why the only two West Bev Over-Achiever Awards students (Navid and Silver) did not enroll at CU. Navid is learning what it means to be a family man in the Shirazi family, though, because he must keep his uncle’s auto theft ring a secret or risk facing his own jail time. Wah wah!
  • Life or death drama: Ivy was in tonight’s episode.  She mainly pops up to get really pissed at her friends or random party strangers when they moan about life’s cruelties. Obviously Ivy and Raj have real life or death problems on their hands. I never thought I would say this, but I think we actually need more Ivy to add a dose of reality to this show.

What did you think of tonight’s Greek Tragedy? Who else is excited for the continuation of Naomi’s “Big Fat Greek Sorority”? And, I think it is safe to say that Annie and Dixon’s forthcoming downward spirals are the reason why the original show kept Jim and Cindy Walsh on through sophomore year of college.

Jeni is a valley girl at heart has always been an avid TV watcher and shown a passion for arts and entertainment. She enjoys offering her unique critique (and wit!) on pretty much everything in life, including her beloved shows, over at Show and Tell.

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desperate housewives recapping: secrets that i never want to know

Desperate Housewives’ eighth and final season started tonight and as with any show that may have overstayed its welcome – One Tree Hill, Entourage, Heroes, etc. – this can be a time for opportunity. Most shows have done it all at this point, throwing in everything from “shocking” murders to huge sweeps week storylines (something all DH viewers know is a yearly occurrence in the form of the “Disaster Episode”).

When a show has the opportunity to end on a note of their choosing, long time fans can be rewarded with the storyline(s) we’d always hoped for, but never thought we would see (Ari and Dana Gordon finally acting on all that sexual tension) and old favorites can be carted back out for one last hurray (Lucas returning to OTH).

I remember tuning into Desperate Housewives to fill the gaping hole that Sex and the City had left just a few months before. I watched the first few seasons with an almost sick fascination with women whose lives were my worst nightmare. Sure being a wife and mother sounds like a jolly good time, but the ‘desperate’ and ‘housewife’ angles always made me break out into a cold sweat. The years (and seasons) have passed and although I’m still steadfastly anti any lifestyle that leaves me desperate enough to sleep with the underage gardener, that has nothing to do with my love for the show.

Photo courtesy of http://www.blog.zap2it.com

So here we are, one episode into the final season of the show that made some of the 90s finest (Lois Lane and Dr. Kimberly Shaw, of course) relevant again. “Secrets That I Never Want to Know” was the nighttime soap quality I’ve come to expect from Desperate Housewives. I like when a show comes full-circle and DH definitely got back to that first season, “Why did Mary Alice kill herself?!?!” feel tonight.

The following are just a few of the questions I was left with, as well as what I expect to see next week:

  • Is the murder going to be the major story for this season? Watching these ladies avoid getting caught will only be humorous so many times, I expect a resolution of sorts by mid-season, followed by another HUGE mystery to carry us through to the series finale.
  • Are Celia, Penny and Parker going to receive any type of relevant story lines this season? Just curious.
  • When did Bree make the transition from saintly Madonna to whore-like? Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE seeing her like this, but I can’t pinpoint when the change happened. I blame Brian Austin Green!
  • Mike has been to prison and “accidentally” killed a man, why is Susan the only one that thinks he would be able to handle their secret?
  • Who is going to break first: Susan or Carlos? I think Susan will be the first to tell someone (Mike) but Carlos will probably turn himself in, unnecessarily.
  • Is Lynette really over Tom? How long are they going to drag this out for? I don’t want to see Lynette date around and I don’t think I can handle seeing that look of hurt Tom sported several times throughout this episode ever, ever again.
  • The letter Bree received was obviously meant to be reminiscent of the one that drove Mary Alice to commit suicide, except I don’t think it has anything to do with this season’s mystery.
  • What’s the new neighbor’s deal? No one ever moves onto Wisteria Lane for a normal reason, but they’ve already covered murderers to death. Maybe he’s really just there to provide Renee with something more to do than shoot off a few witty comments every few episodes.

Photo courtesy of http://www.sidereel.com


“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you could do this professionally.” – Detective Chuck Vance…post coitus

“There’s no coffee, no poker. No bitching about husbands over coffee and poker.” – Mike

“Continue my son – (giggles) – my son. I’m sorry, it’s just, you’re like a thousand years older than me.” – The Father who also tweets during confession

“Mens cologne?” – Det. Vance
“She’s a lesbian!”
– Bree

“I’m going to go see the new neighbor. You know…give him a ride on the ol’ welcome wagon.” – Renee aka “the ol’ welcome wagon”


Am I asking for too much? Should I expect to see this “murder mystery” spread out over the whole season? Did I miss a pertinent detail? Are you glad to know that you aren’t the only one still watching this show? No seriously, if I missed something, let me know…I want to get the full experience.

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fall 2011 tv premiere dates: sept. 26- oct. 2

Last week was simply orgasmic for TV viewers. Community returned, Law and Order SVU showed us a post-Stabler world and 2 Broke Girls‘ Kat Dennings carried an otherwise so-so pilot. This week will be bookended by a medium and a HUGE Sunday, so we’ll remind you of all that before we look at what else comes on this week.

In Case You Missed It: Sunday, September 25th sees the return of Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife, Family Guy and other reasons to overload your DVR.

Premiering September 26th – October 2nd










Monday (Sept. 26th)


2 Broke Girls (REGULAR TIME @ 7:30pm CST )

Mike & Molly (@ 8:30 pm CST)

The CW:

Gossip Girl (@ 7pm CST)

Hart of Dixie (@ 8pm CST)


Terra Nova (@ 7pm CST)










Wednesday (Sept. 28th)


Suburgatory ( @ 7:30pm CST )

Happy Endings (@ 8:30 pm CST)








Thursday (Sept. 29th)


Private Practice (@ 9pm CST)


How To Be A Gentleman ( @ 7:30pm CST )










(Oct. 2nd )


Hung (@ 9pm CST)

How to Make It In America (@ 9:30pm CST)


Dexter (@ 8pm CST)

Homeland (@ 9pm CST)

Not sure what you want to watch? Check out our picks for what we couldn’t wait to see, what looked too horrible to watch and what will probably be cancelled by the time 2012 rolls around.

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