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the walking dead recapping: say the word

Previously on The Walking Dead: Killer Within

This week, we finally get into just how creepy Woodbury and it’s Governor really is, The prison group deal with the events from last weeks episode, and Rick goes into a grief induced killing spree to deal with the death of his wife.
governor and daughter

Andrea, Michonne, and Woodbury

The town of Woodbury has decided to have a celebration to commemorate their great success. Michonne has become increasingly suspicious of the Woodbury commune. Her suspicions are even more enforced when she walks by the Governor’s residence and notices the governor brushing a little zombie girl’s hair (who turns out to be his daughter Penny). Naturally, Michonne investigates the Governor and discovers a book with several individual’s names (including his daughter Penny’s). She has reached the conclusion that Woodbury is not what it seems, and believes that it is a research facility for zombies. Upon further investigation, Michonne stumbles upon a cage filled with walkers. As a way to deal with her frustration, Michonne epically kills the zombies. Take that, Govenah!

When he realizes that Michonne has killed all of the town’s zombies, the Governor attempts to strike a deal with her; the Governor will cover up Michonne’s killing spree, but in return, she must participate in the research team. Of course, she gives her answer by holding a knife to his throat and promptly leaves. Michonne tries to convince Andrea to leave by telling her the theory she has about Woodbury. But, because Andrea is so desperately looking for a life that faintly resembles that which was before the Outbreak, she decides to stay. Michonne then leaves Woodbury on her own.

Andrea joins the festivities of Woodbury, but is quickly put off by the gladiator fighting pit involving zombies.

The Prison Group

The birth of Lori’s baby brings new challenges. Daryl takes it upon himself to make sure that the baby survives (what a guy!). He and Maggie go on a search for baby formula and supplies, while the rest of the group is left with a screaming baby, and a leader who has gone temporarily insane. Daryl and Maggie find an abandoned day care center where they find supplies for the little baby, and head back. Daryl takes care of the baby by feeding her and comforting her, while the group looks on with smiles on their faces. Carl, who has seen more than enough as a young child, gives a chilling account of the names he’s picked out for the baby–all deceased members of the group. Meanwhile, at the prison, Axel and Oscar are digging three graves for their fallen–T-Dawg, Lori, and the missing and presumed dead Carol.


Rick has decided to deal with the grief of losing his wife by running into the prison and killing every zombie he sees. Glen tries to persuade Rick to come back and regain his composure, but because Rick is such an emotional train wreck, he just slaps Glen around a bit and continues on with his spree. As he makes his way into the room where Lori has died, it is revealed that Lori’s body is gone. Following the bloody trail, Rick discovers a particularly fat (or pregnant) zombie. Rick stabs the zombie repeatedly in the belly and sinks even further into his grief. In a surprising moment, a near by phone starts to ring, and Rick answers it.

  • This was truly Daryl’s episode to shine. I may be a bit biased because he’s my favorite, but seeing him care for that child in such a way was one of those moments in the show where you realize there is still humanity despite the apocalypse. Norman Reedus‘ portrayal of Daryl as a redneck badass with a teddy bear side is amazing. However, Daryl stepping up as leader of the group after Rick goes temporarily insane was equally as amazing.
  • Woodbury just got real. And creepy. Michonne’s theory that the borders of Woodbury are protected so heavily not to keep zombies in, but to provide a safe area to experiment and research on zombies is chilling. That list that Michonne discovered with names, could that possibly people that have been tested have died, or become zombies? I’m ready for more on this theory.
  • Rick stabbing the zombie in the stomach could possibly be him lashing out on his subconscious frustrations over the fact that Lori got pregnant in the first place, or that the baby possibly was Shane’s.
  • Speaking of Lori, where is she? Zombie do not necessarily drag off their meat, and they most certainly do not eat bones. Did Carl really shoot Lori, or did he fake the shot and Lori walked off as a zombie?
  • The phone ringing, I personally feel that was the Governor, just because he’s such a treacherous sneaky dude.
  • Just like Sophia, Carol has the ability to disappear in a zombie attack without a trace (hopefully the same outcome does not meet Carol)


“We aint losing anybody else, I’m going for a run.”-Daryl

“People that have nothing to hide don’t normally feel the need to say so.”-Michonne

“1/3 of our group gone in one day because of one asshole.”-Glen

“This place is not what it says it is!”-Michonne

“You like that, baby ass kicker? Huh, you like that sweetheart?”-Daryl

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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the walking dead recapping: walk with me

Previously on The Walking Dead: Sick

This week, we meet up with Andrea, Michonne, and her limbless zombie lackies. Along with a new storyline that is parallel to Rick’s group, we meet new characters and one old character who has finally turned up after an entire season.

Michonne and Andrea discover a military helicopter crash that has just taken place. While investigating, a series of vans and trucks drive over to the wreck. While Michonne and Andrea hide, the group attack zombies and search for survivors. Michonne’s limbless and jawless zombies become restless, so Michonne hastily decapitates them. They are quickly discovered by an old friend, Merle, and Andrea promptly faints.

Andrea and Michonne are picked up by the new group of zombie hunters and are taken to their safe haven. Andrea is immediately treated for the illness she has been carrying for sometime. Both women are extremely hostile towards the clan and demand their weapons back. Merle comes in to talk with Andrea and Michonne. He thus begins to describe his story since we last saw him in season one. After T-Dawg dropped the key and he was left for dead, Merle cut off his hand in order to escape. While he was bleeding out and starving, this new group picked him up and he became part of their clan. Andrea promptly recounts her story, how Daryl and Rick went back to find Merle, the number of causalities from the original group, and how she was separated from Rick’s group  7 months prior. The Governor (played by David Morrisey) makes his appearance and informs Andrea and Michonne that they are his guests. The women still remain hostile.
The Governor

In order to ease the women’s hostility, the Governor gives them a grand tour of their safe haven–Woodbury.  Seventy three residents live in Woodbury, where the children go to school, the adults have jobs, there is medical facilities, and a heavily guarded wall that keeps “biters” at bay. The Governor keeps a strict curfew, and the duties and facilities of the town are heavily regulated. Andrea is in awe of the amount of pre-zombie apocalypse  civilization in Woodbury, while Michonne remains skeptical and wants her weapons back.

The Governor wants his henchmen–or Merle–to interrogate Andrea and figure out what she knows. The Governor further conducts experiments in legitimate looking scientific facility on Michonne’s zombies. The Governor’s right hand man, Milton (played by Dallas Roberts, Rubicon, The Good Wife) realize that the removal of the jaw and limbs cause the zombies to become docile from the result of losing the interest in biting. The Governor has also pulled the survivor, Lieutenant Welles, from the wreckage. During a questioning session, Welles reveals that there are more military personnel that are holding a National Guard Refugee Camp. The Governor promises to find any survivors and bring them to Welles.

Milton and the Governor join Andrea and Michonne for breakfast, where an interrogation session occurs. Andrea is receptive to the Governor’s authority and charisma, while Michonne is distrustful of Woodbury, and wishes to leave. After breakfast, Andrea tries to  convince Michonne that they should stay at Woodbury for a few more days.

The Governor finds the Refugee Camp that Welles revealed. However, instead of becoming friends, The Governor and his henchmen open fire unto the military men, killing them all and taking their weapons. Upon returning to Woodbury, the Governor gives a speech about how they found the military camp, but because of their lack of a sturdy wall, they were killed by biters.

The episode ends with the Governor retreating to his nice little hidden living room. He relaxes in front of an aquarium, filled with the live heads of zombies. His two latest additions being Michonne’s zombies and Welles.

  • The introduction of The Governor’s group felt eerily familiar. There was a strong leader, a redneck hard ass, a man with amazing skills with a bow, a brooding African American, and an Asian. This felt like the mirror image of Rick’s group. They are extremely distrustful of outsiders (as seen in Rick’s group in season two), and they have the same amount of information regarding the zombie outbreak (The Governor has figured out that everyone is infected by the virus as well).
  • Andrea has once again proved that she can’t analyze a situation properly, and is sold quite quickly by charisma and strong leadership skills. She should listen to Michonne, but she probably wont.
  • During the breakfast interrogation, Milton brought up an extremely interesting point. His theory is that Michonne put so much effort into controlling her limbless bodies because they were individuals she must have been close to at one point.
  • Merle is back! If both Rick’s group and the Governor’s group meets up, how will Merle react when he sees Daryl?
  • Why does the Governor keep zombie heads in an aquarium?
  • The Governor makes a comment that he needs Milton around the question him, and for his tea. The women are served tea at the breakfast. What is in the tea? Is it drugged, or does it contain vertiaserum, like in Harry Potter?


“I’ll bet you were wondering if I was real. Probably hoping I wasn’t. Well, here I am. I guess this old world get smaller towards the end.”-Merle

“You’re not prisoners here, you’re guests.”-The Governor

“If you take away their ability to eat, they lose interest in doing so. They are no longer in attack mode, we can be around them, they are almost docile.”-Milton

“Ludicrous”-The Governor

“Walk with biters, they think you’re a biter.”-The Governor

“So what’s your real name, if you don’t mind me asking?”-Andrea
“I never reveal my real name.”-The Governor
“Never say ‘never'”-Andrea
“Never.”-The Governor

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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