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30 rock recapping: meet the woggels

Previously on 30 rock: Nothing Left to Lose

Jack on the phone

Jack is about to open his new couch factory and he’s pretty excited about it. Just as he is about to cut the ribbon with his giant scissors and commence a new chapter in his career, he gets a phone call about his mother. She’s had surgery and can only be released to a family member. The phone call, which his mother becomes involved in, causes Jack to miss the ceremony. He resentfully picks his mother up and the two begin their usual rapport.

Liz, concerned about his mother’s surgery, tries to get Jack to have “the talk” with his mother. Not that one, the other one, when people finally talk about how they really feel because of the imminent and looming death. Both Jack and his mother resist, but Liz doesn’t back down until finally, in their own way, they have “the talk”.

Paul and his identical sex partner

Jenna, on her sexual walk about, has a list that she must complete before the walk about can be considered over. On her to do list for this episode is break up a band like Yoko Ono did with the Beatles. The band she’s set on ruining: The Woggels (not the confused with The Wiggles), a children’s singing group, all decked out in turtlenecks. In their own way rock stars, but only Jenna’s skewed sense of reality and b-list celebrities being real celebrities (so she can cope with her own status), could really see them as such. She does her best to break them up, but in the end she doesn’t follow through. Not because she can’t, but because she realizes that Paul is the only one she wants and she would be heartbroken if he found a new girlfriend. She races to find him and tell him this, but finds him dressed like his new sex partner. Poor Jenna.

eating fast food off of a stripper

Tracy just found out his son is going to Stanford University and he is just appalled about it. His son is a NERD!!!!!! Tracy sets out to teach his son how to be a real Jordan Man. They spend the bonding by eating fast food off of a naked woman, playing baseball video games and “shooting” Kenneth dressed as a deer costume. In the end, Tracy’s son says he doesn’t want to go to college, he wants to become part of the entourage and hang out with his dad all the time. Tracy realizes that he has never spent a whole day with his son, which makes him a bad father, but it’s time to be a good father and send his son off to college.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Jack, the doctor, and Colleen’s phone call
  • Tracy and his son hunting a “deer” (aka Kenneth).
  • The Woggels and their fans
  • Liz crying about Jack and Colleen’s “talk”


Liz: If you’re ordering me an edible arrangement to say thanks, I’d prefer a meat one.

Dr.: We found your name on a of disappointments list she keeps folded up in her shoe.

Kenneth: I know the Woggles. My eight year old niece walked down the aisle to that song at her wedding.

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