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thoughts on parks and recreation: sweet sixteen

Previously on Parks and Recreation: Dave Returns

I will miss this show when it makes way for the return of Community, but luckily we have two more episodes left before the brief hiatus and come April, we’ll have both shows on at the same time. Comedy win.

Sweet Sixteen was the perfect Jerry-centric episode. It should have been all about him and his special day, but instead we watched Tom and Ann’s ongoing love affair, Chris and Andy bond over Champion, Leslie try and prove she could handle all of her growing responsibilities and Donna show off her huge family cabin. And  of course Jerry would have a Leap Year birthday, completely fitting for the character. So let’s jump right into my favorite moments (and quotes) of yet another solid episode (I have to note that this show has been increasingly consistent in terms of being hilarious.)

  • Oh Ann, you beautiful rule-breaking moth.” Leslie’s names for Ann never get old.
  • “Boss, I need your Herbie Hancock on this.” Andy being dumb is also something that never gets old.
  • Wheels for Meals on Wheels. I’m sure someone over at that nonprofit wishes this was real.
  • Lollipopping does sound like something the kids are doing, but not in the way Leslie meant it.
  • Andy’s face when Chris described Champion (who is a mutt aka half amazing and half terrific), in German.
  • Jerry’s ridiculous shirt. By the way, they mentioned he’d be retiring in four years, but if I recall Jerry’s retirement and full pension should be coming up in the next year.
  • Donna Meagle, cousin of Ginuwine, has the SWEETEST family cabin.
  • Tom’s “My Oh-No-No’s” List #3: Not loving 90s R&B music (This isn’t really all that outrageous and should be an important part of anyone’s deal-breaker list)
  • The minimal acceptable thread count for sheets? If you’ve seen Intimate Moments, you already know that 700 count is like ‘sleeping in lotion’ and 296 count is ‘sandpaper’. Other Ann faux-pas: Never seen a Paul Walker movie. Doesn’t care about Blu-ray. Owns less Uggs than Tom. Goodness Ann, that’s just ridiculous. Except for the Blu-ray thing, which can be overrated. There’s no reason anyone ever needs to see Crazy, Stupid, Love on Blu-ray. Ever.
  • Thank you alcohol.
  • They may suck at making signs, but Sign-tologist is a GENIUS company name.
  • “Everything you just said makes me like me more.” Tom’s response to Ann’s complaint that he has 20-inch rims on his Volkswagen Golf and calls himself the “Brown Gosling.”
  • Did anyone else think Ben had company on that couch when he popped up?
  • Organic gluten-free soy bones. Chris is so adorable.
  • This is a really childish request, but can we pllleeeassseee see Tom and Ann kiss?
  • Tann or Haverkins? I’m a little partial to Tann.
  • “Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.” Ron Swanson, who was a man even at the tender age of 11.
  • Jerry loves Muncie, Indiana. I’ve never been, so I’ll withhold any judgment on that one.
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thoughts on parks and recreation: dave returns

Previously on Parks and Recreation: Operation Ann

Waiting a week to see the newest PandR was completely worth it. Dave (Louis C.K.), the first to appreciate Leslie’s Leslieisms, has returned and has his heart set on getting back the lovely Ms. Knope. Awkward cop versus the awkward (former) accountant. How is a lady even supposed to make that choice?

On the other side of town, we have the rest of the department gearing up to record Leslie’s campaign anthem (apparently Get On Your Feet is out). The Leslie Knope 2012 campaign has already made for a few great moments (i.e., Pistol Pete’s slam dunk) and although we’ve had a few laughs, I miss the group in its entirety. That minor complaint aside, Dave’s return to Pawnee gave us another hilarious episode.

  • “Hey boo boo bear.” Nice, but it pales in comparison to the other nickname options: Cookie Tush, Winnie the Boo, Lady Prec-Prec, Ann Berry Sauce, Annie Get Your Boo and Tommie’s Girl.
  • “Mo money, mo problems. That’s what I always say.” (Ben) “How about, mo money mo protective Kevlar vests that save lives?” (Captain Trumple) “Sometimes I say that too.” (Ben)
  • Catch Your Dream just rolls off the tongue easier than The Promise of Tomorrow’s Wings. Also, the former is kind of like We are the World…with an actual impact.
  • How dare we see the return of Duke Silver without actually seeing the return of Duke Silver!
  • Visually, Dave is the grown man to Ben’s adorable awkward twentysomething.
  • “We terminated our involvement at that time.” A fresh alternative to saying “we broke up.”
  • While Leslie was discussing the Double Endorsement (Starring Ashley Judd: Coming Soon), Ben was freaking out about the cop who walked by.
  • “You got it Duke.”
  • “Hey, when you two spoon, who spoons who?” Donna always asks the pressing questions. I’m gonna go with the obvious answer here: Tom, of course.
  • In terms of slang for bathrooms: Whizzingham Manor < The Whiz Palace
  • In his Brat Pack days, I’m very surprised that Rob Lowe wasn’t actually in the massive celeb-fest that was We are the World.

  • “You look like I could use some company.” I really missed Dave.
  • “I think you sound like an angel and everyone else sounds like demons.” Tom with the flattery that got him nowhere.
  • Chris doesn’t know the words to Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Also, there is a chance that he is literally tone deaf. I’m sure Jerry has a voice of gold.
  • Haverford Playbook Move #2: Ladies love a guy waiting for them in the rain.
  • “Pretty sweet sauce in there, eh ace?” Ben, as he struggles to remain comfortable around cops.
  • “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to endorse 10 beers into my mouth, because this has been an incredible stressful evening.” I think I just found my slogan for this and all future weekends.
  • Tom’s little ditty was the straw that finally broke Ann’s resolve to not date him. And it immediately made me think of Urkel and Laura.
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