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glee recapping: nationals

Here’s what you missed on Glee: Props


  • The New Directions are on edge about their upcoming performance.
  • Shuester questions whether he has done enough to prepare the kids for all that awaits them.
  • Finn bets Rick “The Stick” $500 that The New Directions win at Nationals.
  • Wade (“Unique”) doesn’t think he can handle the pressure he is under after his last performance.
  • Carmen Tibideaux comes to see Rachel perform at Nationals in Chicago.

Lindsay doing her best “derp” face.

Well, Obviously: When the New Directions made it to Nationals last year I expected them to win. I thought the point of the show was to make the characters hate each other for their differences and still find a way to win every competition. And, I guess, half of that is true. But this time–I think it’s safe to say–we all knew they had to win Nationals. Their selections were solid and energetic but I didn’t think it was their best. Can Blaine and the Left-Overs do the same thing next year is my question now.

Unique Runner-Up: If you didn’t know by now, Alex Newell (Wade/Unique) was a runner-up on the first season of The Glee Project. He, along with fellow runner-up Lindsay Pearce, were guaranteed a two-episode arc on the hit show. Yes, Lindsay’s “Harmony” character may have given Rachel and Kurt a scare earlier in the season with her amazing performances but did you really remember her character two weeks later? Whereas with Newell’s “Wade” character it seems that he is going to have more staying power. Whether it be because of controversy, another unique storyline (pun not intended but you’ll allow it), or whatever else, I think Newell might be getting a new contract in the near future.

Honorable Mentions:

  • I doubt Lindsay Lohan is still, or has ever been, “America’s Sweetheart”.
  • Speaking of Ms. Lohan, why did both she and Perez Hilton get to play themselves, while Rex Lee (Lloyd, Entourage) was forced to play some made-up nobody?!
  • For a girl who could barely stand just a week ago–I’ll give you three weeks for the sake of TV to reality translation–Quinn was surely twirling and jumping around with the best of them.
  • Finally, Emma. Finally.
  • Did Wade/Unique give us a teaser for his possible transfer next season?
  • Props to Jesse for putting a good word in for Rachel…because he might be the only character that loves himself more than Rachel loves Streisand.


Edge of Glory – The Troubletones (A) I have no problem saying I preferred the Troubletones performance over most of the New Direction performances from this season. Somehow the addition of Quinn and Tina didn’t hinder or help the girl group dynamic, and Santana can now (un)officially be name Most Improved Performer from seasons 1-3.

It’s All Coming Back to Me Now  – Rachel (A) For the first time in a long time, Rachel gave me chills. This isn’t to say that she lost her “Rachelness”, but she definitely hasn’t had her usual “it” this season, or at least she didn’t until this performance.

Paradise By the Dashboard Light  – The New Directions (A) An unusual song pick? Undoubtedly. As precise as the Vocal Adrenaline offerings? Not even close. However, something about the way they interact on the stage, like best friends or adorably energetic members of the Mickey Mouse Club, is just the type of corny, “we are family” energy no other glee club can touch. Hence, the win.

Starships/Pinball Wizard – Unique and Vocal Adrenaline (A) While Unique’s split, as well as Nicki Minaj and the exemplary usage of props, should have been enough to secure a win, it was only good enough to land them second place.

Tongue Tied – The New Directions (A) I’m sure they’ve done it before, but I can’t recall another time when we heard a song on Glee without some form of performance to accompany it. If this in fact the first time it’s been done, I’d be more than pleased to have it become a continuing thing. If I’m wrong, and this happens all the time, please ignore the first part of this paragraph. Also, finally Emma. Finally.

We are the Champions -The New Directions (A) Instead of everyone saying heartfelt goodbyes and sitting around discussing what comes next, they simply celebrated their collective win and Schue as Teacher of the Year. What a fitting way to head into the end of the season, as well as the original era of Glee. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who teared up quite a bit as the episode came to a close.


Are you forgetting who you are Jesse?  Your Bohemian Rhapsody was, like, the benchmark performance of every show choir competition in the past ten years.” –Rachel
Most people don’t realize I lost ten pounds during that performance.” –Jesse

“I show up here and there’s not even a red button to push and a chair to spin me around where I can then point at a kid on stage and yell ‘I wanna work with you!’ Really? I’m firing my manager.” -Lindsay Lohan
“Can I use that as an exclusive?” -Perez Hilton

“With Monique down for the count, we are entering The Hunger Games of show choir competition without one of our most powerful voices.” -Sue

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thoughts on glee: hold on to sixteen


Rachel: The Voice of Reason?: I don’t think Quinn is being reasonable in her attempt to get Beth back – that goes for Puck and Shelby – and now Rachel. I don’t like the Shelby/Puck fling but ruining Shelby’s blossoming teaching/coaching career may be a bit drastic – like, seriously, think of the Troubletones Quinn. If it’s gotten to the point that Rachel Berry is giving you advice about anything other than the glee club then you should know it’s time to come to your senses.

Pumas and Cougars, Mr. Sexual Chocolate?!: Honestly, I missed Sam. Maybe it was the acoustic awesome, or the relationship we missed with Mercedes, or maybe even his “trouty-mouth”, either way I’m glad he’s back performing on the right stage. I’m glad he is over Quinn because she is dealing with WAY too much right now but I am interested to see how much drama he stirs up with his effort to get Mercedes back.

Finn’s Leadership: If Finn hasn’t been helping Santana cope with her sexuality or semi-stalking Sam on Facebook to get him back to McKinley he is apologizing to Blaine for being a jerk earlier on in the season. I admire Finn stepping up when the group needs him most because – let’s face it – he is probably the most sane, and relevant, member left to take up the mantle.

Dance to Your Heart’s Content: I hate it when people try to stop others from doing what makes them happy – unless that other person is a serial killer or that kid who likes to make fun of  you because he saw your grandmother give you a kiss on the cheek because she clearly loves you more than his grandmother ever could…or something like that. What I’m trying to say is that I’m glad Tina stood up for Mike when he was afraid to do so. I can’t wait to see Mike on a future season of America’s Best Dance Crew.

Unfair Advantage: Why did The New Directions sing like 30 songs at sectionals while the other clubs had one? I know the New Directions have to persevere and all that jazz but can we at least make the competition believable? Even though FOX cut off the beginning of “ABC” (did that happen to anyone else?), I still don’t think the New Directions’ barrage of songs beat out the Troubletones.

All Together Now: If you didn’t see a “New Tones/Troubled Directions” super-group in the cards when they branched off then, let’s face it, you’re not that smart. I was actually more excited for the reunion than I thought I would have been but maybe it was because it was a last minute pick me up I needed after a overwhelmingly lackluster episode. Now let the countdown to the next big “diva-off” begin!


Red Solo Cup – Sam (B)

Would I have enjoyed this more as a Puck/Sam duet? Yes. Is it believable that fresh from Ireland Rory knows all the words to this song? Not at all. However, it was fun. More fun would have been seeing those red cups filled with something a little bubblier than sparkling cider, but alas, I was just happy to see Sam seamlessly transition back into the club.

Buenos Aires – Unitards (C)

Harmony was like Rachel, but flirtier, and in true Rachel fashion, she put on a one-woman show. The group aspect didn’t even remotely shine and giving Lindsay Pearce some much deserved screen time was clearly the only purpose. Post-performance: I KNEW they weren’t going to win sectionals.

I Will Survive/Survivor – Trouble Tones (B)

Mercedes and Santana providing double the diva power? Smart. Going with a mash-up? Also smart. The choppy and kind of awkward choreography? Not so much. Overall, this was a great performance, but Santana’s voice wasn’t as strong as its been in recent episodes when she sounds like she’s battling her inner demons via song. Post-performance: I wasn’t quite sure they were going to win, but I KNEW they weren’t going to place behind the Unitards.

ABC/Control/Man in the Mirror – New Directions (A)

First things first, Artie should always be the go-to guy for any Jackson classics (see PYT for reference) and I would really like to see Artie, Sam, Blaine, Finn and Puck do a Jackson Five song (or any 5-member boy band for that matter). This performance had what the first to competitors didn’t: a showcase of the group’s overall talent and good choreography….but then again, they also got three songs to get it right. For a moment, we got back the Blaine from his pre-New Directions days, back when he was the head Warbler in charge. I missed that Blaine. I also missed Artie, which I didn’t realize until this performance. Post-performance: I was pretty sure they were going to win. Hello…medleys trump mash-ups, it was obvious.

We are Young – New Directions and Trouble Tones(?) (B)

The Finn and Rachel combo is always great and everyone seemed so happy and young. I doubt Rory’s ever heard this song either, but he looked carefree, which was the point of the performance, so points for that. I guess this means the band is getting back together or at the very least, the Trouble Tones are joining forces with the New Directions.


  • I truly heart Sebastian. Sorry Klaine lovers, but I wouldn’t mind seeing something happen between him and Blaine, even if it’s only in some weird, trippy dream sequence.
  • White Chocolate Trouty Mouth can just come back? Without registering for classes or anything? Wait, Glee isn’t realistic and that’s part of the appeal.
  • Dalton has a fight club? I’d LOVE to see Blaine go all Tyler Durden.
  • I don’t believe Santana needed to write down all those insults for Sam, she is the freestyle queen!
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