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this post was inspired by legally blonde…oddly enough.

[Editor’s note: After reading over this post, I feel a hint of the “Dear Diary…” vibe, but I’m going with it anyway. I could have just as easily jumped right back in, but acknowledging the “hiatus” felt necessary. –Nicole]

I still watch television. I still talk about television. I’ve even fallen in love with new shows (The Blacklist) and fallen out of love with others (Glee). I’m still very much into the general idea of TVDM; it’s just not the obsessive habit it was before.

I’m not sure if this is the post that comes before me making a huge effort to start writing here again. I mean…I don’t have the expendable time I had before and all the awesome contributors have (mostly) moved on. That’s reason enough to make my already naturally lazy disposition give up again before even starting. However, I really love talking about television. So maybe this doesn’t have to be anything more than me taking a few minutes once and awhile to post about bits of shows/TV stuff I loved (and even more about the things I hated).

For example, If I’d still been blogging/writing/whatever this is called when the Dexter finale came on, you guys (assuming “you guys” still take the time to read this) would have known just how heartbroken I was to realize that Michael C. Hall can now say he’s been in one of the best series finales of all time and (arguably) one of the worst. Seriously, the Dexter finale was the most ridiculous and disrespectful thing I’ve seen in at least the last 3-5 years of television. I’m not even exaggerating too much when I express that.

I guess I can thank having Columbus Day off, coupled with several hours of clearing off my DVR (and an accidental back-to-back viewing of Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2) to inspire this post, and hopefully, a renewed desire to talk shit about TV. Hopefully.

Oh, and if you haven’t already gotten into The Blacklist or Masters of Sex, you seriously need to watch.

Classic Spader.

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the requisite ‘first post’

How we have maintained healthy social lives, all the while watching a one-way form of entertainment is anybody’s guess (DVR perhaps?). We don’t mind branching out and watching a show that isn’t on the major networks or seeing critically acclaimed indie hits. We’re far from tele-visual hipsters and our faves (Glee and TrueBlood included) are well known and widely loved.

The shows/movies covered on tvd&m won’t stick to a specific genre because our interests don’t and honesty, we’re too scatterbrained for such things. We can promise you that the spirit behind every word (that sounded eerily like a Ghost Writer reference) will be a genuine love for all things TV and movie. We can also promise ZERO amounts of objectivity. The opinions represented in this blog are unabashedly ours and won’t always be the most politically correct, but PC is never good for ratings anyway.

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