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thoughts on dexter: buck the system

Previously on Dexter: Sunshine and Frosty Swirl

  • Wayne Randall tells Miami Metro he has new evidence on his 15-year-old killing spree, but really, he wants a few days in the sun before ultimately committing suicide. He makes a brief connection with Dexter when discussing how he’s come to terms with his punishment.
  • Debra comes up with the genius idea to put Dexter into her own version of rehab, which is designed to stop his urge to kill. Clearly, Deb has no clue how deep Dexter’s desire to slash and dash former murders (and other heinous criminals) runs.
  • The department begins making connections between Mike Anderson’s death and the Ukrainian Mob.
  • Louis is revealed as nothing more than a sensitive kid who’s sole purpose for annoying Dexter is because his feelings were hurt. Homicidal Tendencies was a video game he worked so hard on, yet unkind words from Dexter was enough for him to throw it all away? Psh. Grow up Louis.

“I feel trapped, like there’s no escape and it’s not because I’m at the post office. She’s got me penned in like a caged animal, and an animal is never more dangerous than when it’s back into a corner.”

Has Quinn learned nothing from his previous romantic relationships?
Masuka may have bad luck with interns, but Quinn does even worse with the ladies. First, there was Yuki, who tried to get him fired. Then, he got involved with Christine, the Trinity Killer’s daughter. Finally, there was the crash and burn that was his love affair with Deb. Overall, you’d think he would know to keep work and play very far apart. Yet somehow, he’s once again managed to mix the two when he gets involved with Nadia, the stripper who has aspirations of starting a dog-walking business. Although she let him know that her bosses told her to get close to him, she’s still not to be trusted. She warns him to stay away from the Koshka Brotherhood, which was probably the only honest words to come out of her mouth. I don’t trust her. I don’t get how Quinn is foolish enough to trust her, but I guess he’s nothing if not consistently idiotic. I could see this ending with a dead Quinn before we make it to the eight season.

Why is Isaac so concerned about who killed Viktor?
As far as know now, Viktor was just one of Isaac’s associates. Initially, I thought he wanted to find Viktor to make sure he didn’t reveal anything about the Brotherhood. However, watching his interaction with Louis, it makes me think there relationship runs a little deeper. Maybe that’s his son? A close friend? A former lover? Who knows! I like that Isaac is creepy in a way that last year’s antagonist, Travis, never quite was. We learn he was sent to disciplinary school in England and we’ve seen that he doesn’t flinch when stabbing bouncer’s in the eye. This is the kind of stuff that makes him formidable and a quiet threat. I’m equal parts curious about who he is as and what he’s capable of doing. He met Dexter at the club, where they had a brief (and incredibly forced) interaction, and thanks to Louis, he knows Dexter’s name and place of employment. These guys move quick, so I’m betting he makes the connection between the guy he met and the name he was given by next episode and we’re on our way to the heart of this season.

Was Louis the Intern a complete waste as a character?
Well, Louis is dead. Louis is dead and the Ukranian mobsters killed him. His little game of cat and mouse with Dexter was his demise, but yet not at the hands of Dexter himself. I suppose once Dexter sent the ITK hand to Masuka, which got Louis fired, and then sent the video of the hooker to Jamie, which got Louis dumped (“It’s not cheating if you pay for it!”), it was apparent who the victor was in this little battle. But did it have to end like this?! Wouldn’t it have been much more interesting if Louis, Deb, LaGuerta AND the Koshka Brotherhood were all on Dexter’s trail one way or another? Couldn’t Louis have conceded defeat and worked his way into Dexter’s cold heart, serving as an assistant killer of sorts?! Damn you Dexter writers for dropping all these delicious bread crumbs and making me think Louis mattered, only to reveal that he was a brat with no real relevance. Thanks a lot.

Will Hannah be Dexter’s new Lumen or even better, his Lila?
Hannah (played by Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck) is Wayne’s former girlfriend. She would have been in jail too if she wasn’t a minor when they went on their crime spree, but the point of all this is that she’s not new to being a criminal. She may have started a new life, but she still has a “dark passenger” of her own or at least a little bit of darkness. In another forced interaction, we see that she has some weird energy/connection with Dexter. I’m excited about the potential here for two important reasons: I like Dexter in tortured romances (Lila was so much more fun and screwed up than Rita) and it’ll bring Deb’s feelings right back to the surface.

How long before Deb has her ‘first kill’?
Ray Speltzer, the mojito-making killer, was really fun to watch (I say that strictly from an entertainment stand-point). He’s the type of psychotic guy that wears helmets, sets up a creepy haunted house type scenario and follows rituals during his kills. He didn’t take the easy route and get his guest drunk, but instead let her know that she looked strong and planned to kill her using his own strength. How considerate. I’m glad he escaped because it means he has the potential to be Deb’s ‘first kill’. Not as a cop, but as Dexter’s sister who understands why he follows his own law. Were it not for her silly need to follow the actual law, Speltzer would be in jail now and another girl wouldn’t have been killed. Poor Deb, she’s never been a match for Dexter’s methodical genius, but as he pushes her further into the grey moral area, it’s clear she’s going to do something un-Deb like. Maybe it only happens once, but there’s no way she keeps doing things by the book knowing what she knows.

Other observations:

  • Hannah’s greenhouse looked familiar to a scene from season six, but then again, all greenhouses tend to look similar.
  • Bracelets equipped with GPS chips for their drug mules? Technology is amazing.
  • Will we ever know why Louis drew on that ITK hand?
  • The plastic giraffe, lighter and necklace wrapped in the t-shirt, was that about showing that killers love their trophies or is there more to it?

Next week on Dexter: Run

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thoughts on dexter: are you…?

“It’s simple human nature to keep little secrets about ourselves. We all do it: ‘I dye my hair’,’ I watch Internet pornography’. But what if your whole life is a secret? A lie? And exposing the truth could expose everything you are? What do you do? Run?”

Why did Deb believe Dexter so easily?
Dexter’s easy explanation after Deb catches him in his ritualistic act of killing Travis? “I wanted him dead, so I killed him.” He tosses in the effects of Rita’s death for good measure, as if to say “Deb, I’ve dealt with a lot of shit, so it’s perfectly understandable that I snapped this one and only time.” Maybe it was this or Dexter’s assertion that although he was suffering from temporary insanity he would still be locked up and lose Harrison, but Deb immediately went along with the plan to make it look like a suicide. Travis’ final tableau would include setting the church on fire and stabbing himself, all as a reaction to the world not ending.

Fortunately, the observant and skilled Deb I’ve come to both love and loathe the last few years slowly made an appearance throughout the episode. She questions how Dexter was “so perfectly prepared to kill Travis” and notes that Dexter wasn’t wearing his usual work attire when she found him at the church. She thinks about the plastic Dexter used to wrap up Travis and makes the connection to her “tryst” with Brian Moser (aka the Ice Truck Killer and Dexter’s brother). It was then that I realized she didn’t believe Dexter, her first reaction was just to save him. The dots were fully connected for her when she spoke to Jamie and found out that Dexter lies about working late all the time. At some point she ransacks Dexter’s apartment and finds his slides and all the other red flags that he is very much a murderer and Travis was just one of many. Instead of asking for another lie explanation, she simply asks him if he’s a serial killer, which Dexter confirms. Watching young Dexter almost tell young Deb why they had to get rid of Banjo, it was pretty clear he’s always wanted to believe she would understand who he really is, but it was Harry that knocked this idea out of his head (“If she every saw the real you, she’d never get over it”). Maybe she will…Harry’s code and suggestions aren’t completely infallible.

How will Deb deal with her emotions?
Finding out that her brother is a serial killer is just one part of this little puzzle. Towards the end of last season, Deb realized she is in love with Dexter. With so much happening, it was easy to forget that she came to the church to tell him that, and not just to check up on his work at the crime scene. We’ve seen Deb handle the hard stuff before and bounce back rather quickly, but this is completely new territory. My theory is that she’ll still tell him how she feels, because Deb just isn’t good at keeping her emotions in check. Dexter could realize he feels the same way, but I’d prefer that he manipulates her to insure she doesn’t continue to have the upper-hand in this situation. Sure, incestuous feelings aren’t on the same level of being a serial killer, but if done just right, Dexter could make Deb feel they’re both equally screwed up, which would make her pause a little before continually threatening to have him arrested or something else equally dramatic. If they write it so Deb keeps all of this to herself, then it was a huge waste including it in last year’s storyline.

Is LaGuerta a danger?
Nope. In fact, I’m glad she found the slide and starts to suspect that Doakes wasn’t the real Bay Harbor Butcher. It could mean that, finally, her character will get killed off or at the very least, do something more exciting than act like a bitch to Deb. LaGuerta was at her very best when she figured out that Prado killed her friend, Ellen. It added dimensions to her character and was genuinely enjoyable to watch. Also, if/when she does make even a remote connection to Dexter as the one behind everything, I hope that it’s Deb, Dexter or even Travis that kills her off before she can bring more people in on her theory. None of that accidental death shit.

What is up with Louis?
“The more I get to know you, the weirder and weirder you get.” I have to agree with Jamie here, this guy continues to puzzle me with his actions. He cancelled Dexter’s credit card, which could have just been in retaliation to their run-in at the apartment. He knows something, but we have no clue what. He has an obsession with Dexter, but we have no clue why. I mentioned at the end of last season that I agree with the theory he’s Dexter’s nephew, and that hasn’t changed. I’m going to give it another episode before I get restless and start demanding answers on why this kid is still around and what the hell he wants.

What do George, Isaac and the dead stripper have to do with anything?
Georgieis obviously the little boss to Isaac‘s big boss in this whole operation. They put themselves on everyone’s radar when Viktor killed Mike, but aside from running a strip club as a front for moving drugs, it’s not really clear why they’ve been relegated as Dexter‘s newest villain. Surely, this will be something the very capable Miami PD could handle without Dexter. So was the point to introduce a group so easily foiled that it leaves room for the Dexter/Deb, Dexter/Louis, LaGuerta dynamics? My general annoyance with the Ukranian mob as this season’s antagonist directly stems from the second season of The Wire when they introduced The Greeks, which tainted a near perfect record of a nearly perfect show. Fortunately, Travis already marred Dexter‘s record, so this could be a pleasant surprise of a storyline.

Other observations:

  • Doakes. Brother Sam. And now, Mike Anderson. I can’t help but notice a common factor there.
  • Deb in Dexter’s apartment, surrounded by all of the proof that he’s a serial killer, was a much bigger OMG moment that when she caught him at the church.
  • Gergoe Novikov is played by Jason Gedrick (who I know as the jerk who tried to break up Lynette’s marriage on Desperate Housewives) and  Isaac Sirko is played by Ray Stevenson.
  • This was one of the few episodes where I would have appreciated Harry’s words of advice, so where the hell was he?!
  • Young Deb was played by Savannah Paige Rae. This was especially perfect casting since Rae plays an annoyingly bratty Sydney on Parenthood.
  • Viktor was played by Enver Gjokaj, who should look especially familiar to Community fans as Lukka.
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