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thoughts on the newsroom: amen

Previously on The Newsroom: I’ll Try to Fix You

  • Elliot is in Egypt covering Mubarak’s announcement that he won’t step down as acting President. He ends up getting  beaten during the riots because Don encourages him to head out to get a story.
  • Neal finds an underground informant in Egypt who goes by the name of “Amen” to help them gather information on the scene.
  • Maggie buys gifts for Jim to give to Lisa for Valentine’s Day so Lisa doesn’t ruin the mood for Maggie and Don.
  • Charlie informs Mac and Will that Wade is running for political office and his frequent appearances on the show may cause some ethical problems.
  • Sloan tutors Mac about the economy before she has to speak on a panel about the topic in a few days.
  • Will pays Nina $50,000 not to report the story about Wade and Mac in the tabloids. He also has a few choice words for her (refer to quote below image).

Come  after me all you want. Come after me everyday. Look through my garbage. Invent things out of thin air because that’s what you’re paid for. But you touch my staff and you are walking into a world of hurt. I have an hour of prime time every night that I will rededicate my life to ruining yours.” -Will (to Nina)

In this order: Leave. Lose the election. Go to Hell.” Well it seems that all my plans are starting to take shape. Yeah, Mac should have told Wade that she and Will use to be an item but Wade going behind her back and using her job to gain exposure for his career was too far. I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen but it was inevitable these two (Will and Mac) were going to gravitate back towards one another before too long…or maybe it’s just a St. Valentine’s Day miracle?

Neal’s Newsroom? Possible show name? I mean, this kid has eyes/fingers on everything! Maybe it’s because he is practically attached to a computer at all times but he can find anything. he found and befriended “Amen” before Will and Mac finished explaining the situation in Egypt. I understand that, at times, he may go too far into the realm of internet conspiracy theorists but I’d take that chance with him any day.

Friendship Exchange: It didn’t occur to me that Sloan was the residential robot–emotionally speaking–of the crew until this eppy. And I definitely didn’t see her character linking up with Mac, although I did enjoy their interactions. A slew of fast-paced, fact-based witty remarks makes me swoon like no other. Mac and Sloan really don’t have any other real friends in the newsroom so it makes since that they find comfort in each other. I just hope Sloan is human enough not to sleep with Will and ruin two potentially epic relationships.

Sorry, Mac…but any person with a stitch of athletic fiber, or just some simple decency (Geesh!), in their body cried at some point during Rudy but the “jersey scene” had to be chief among them.


I’ll begin by saying that Will cries when he watches the movie Rudy.” -Mac
No, I don’t.” -Will
Cries like an onion.” -Mac
Onions make you cry, they don’t themselves experience emotion.” Will

I just need you to teach me a few things so that it looks like I know something. How long did it take you to know what you know?” -Mac
College. Grad school. Doctorate. Post-Doctorate. Practical experience. 15 years. When’s the panel? -Sloan
Tuesday morning.” -Mac
How about I give you a few things to write on your hand?” -Sloan

You’re gonna be like St. Valentine himself. You’re g–” -Maggie
St. Valentine actually–” -Jim
Focus, nerd!” -Maggie

On the next episode of The Newsroom:  Bullies

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease–without the use of airborne pathogens...

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glee recapping: heart

Previously on Glee: The Spanish Teacher


After everyone’s favorite Mob Princess (didn’t hear that from me), Sugar Motta, gives the New Directions a hefty donation to cover the cost for Regionals the fun begins! Artie and Rory compete over who gets to take Sugar to her Valentine’s Day party. Rachel and Finn tell everyone about their marriage plans, including Rachel’s dads! The “God Squad” welcomes a new member and student.

Foreign Exchange Policy: Initially – for like three seconds – I thought Rory was genuine about being sent back toIreland after the school year was over then I remembered I’m not the one with a four-leaf clover in my pocket. Worse things have been done in the attempt to get “the girl”. Of course we don’t know how Sugar will react when she finds out the truth but that may just get lost in the summer like Sam and Mercedes’ relationship.

Poor Artie: Artie has always been my favorite member of the New Directions and it pains me to see him so lonely. Each of his former girlfriends are in happy relationships…and he has to sit four feet away from their respective PDA everyday. Now that Sugar is smitten with Rory who knows if he’ll get another chance at teenage love. Also, how did he rig that mechanisms OVER Sugar’s locker?! But lastly, Team Artie misses you Brittany S. Pierce…

“Straight to the Teenage Lovemaking” Never have I seen a couple so excited to crash into a brick wall like Rachel and Finn. Yes, they are the beautiful high school love story. Yes, they are complete opposites – which makes it all that much more endearing. Yes, Jeff Goldblum and Mike O’Malley are your fathers. But I just feel they are destined for destruction when they leave Lima. Daddy Goldblum’s words to live by: “Honesty. Respect. Dance.”

“Jesus” Joe: Now that three of the four winners of The Glee Project have made their debuts I have to say I am impressed with the overall performances. Of course the sample size for Joe (Samuel Larsen) is still small but I can see him being a main character in seasons to come. McKinley has the most intermittent religious/celibacy groups in high school history but I’m sure his talents will be less sideshow by the time Nationals rolls around.

Morals Matter: After all the back and forth with Sam, Mercedes, and Shane it seems that we have a conclusion. I was hoping that we got a glimpse of “Samcedes” but, I figure, if it hasn’t happened by now then it never will. On another note, I didn’t watch the Grammy’s or see any tribute to Whitney Houston for that matter but I’m sure Mercedes’ rendition of “I Will Always Love You” was among the best.


In the loving spirit of Valentine’s Day, all the performances automatically started off with an ‘A’. Before we jump into the musical offerings of Heart, I have to mention how great it was to see Aaron Hill (Beaver, Greek) as the guy Nick at the end of the episode and finally meeting Rachel’s dads, which was like My Two Dads except way better.

L-O-V-E – Mike and Tina (A)

The first thing that came to mind watching Mike and Tina was that these two don’t get nearly enough screen time singing and dancing together. And they may not be the strongest singers in the club, but they’ve both come a long way from last season. This was a very adorable performance, especially as a soundtrack for the love war Artie and Rory waged against each other in the hopes of wooing Sugar. Perfect opening song.

Let Me Love You – Artie (A)

When it comes to the guys, Artie has the best voice for any R&B songs. They made the beat a little more up-tempo than the original and lyrically Artie’s love song pick was a bit slanderous to the sweet Rory, but it still got him the girl. Toss in Sam, Puck, Kurt and Mike for added effect and you have a good idea of what this song would’ve sounded like if Mario was in a boy band.

Stereo Hearts – The God Squad (Joe, Sam and Mercedes) (A+)

First things first, Teen Jesus Joe is hot and as much as I love a New Directions alternative, I really can’t wait to see him perform with the glee club. When Glee covered Billionaire, Artie handled the Travie Mccoy part of the song, this time around Sam took on the duty…and I LOVED IT. The God Squad, specifically Mercedes, sounded great, but it was the choir that really made this performance particularly amazing. It was so good in fact that I won’t ask why so many students were eating outside in the middle of the winter.

Home – Rory (A)

Similar to Michael Buble, Damian McGinty has a magical voice. So when Rory sang this song under the pretense that he was being sent back to Ireland and added a few tears, it was a given that Sugar was going to change her mind. Artie’s intense side-eye meant that he figured this out almost immediately, but it didn’t change anything. When Rory let out the last note of his performance, he had the girl and her sympathy. Bonus points for being so cunning.

I Will Always Love You – Mercedes (A+)

Between Dolly Parton’s beautiful lyrics and Whitney Houston’s extraordinary voice, the bar for anyone who even touches this song was set decades ago, but we all knew that Amber Riley would do it justice. I won’t even pretend that I didn’t cry the entire time. It was a reminder of Houston’s death, but also how incredibly talented she was. When I watched it again, I focused on it as just another Glee performance and Sam’s heartbroken look was bad enough, but when he cried and left the room…I lost it again. Although this wasn’t a great moment for them as a couple, it made me want to see more of them as actors, Chord Overstreet in particular. I’m glad Mercedes got over that “everyone only pays attention to Rachel, so I’m going to huff around like a brat” phase, she’s much more enjoyable this way.

Cherish/Cherish – Quinn (and the God Squad) (A)

Madonna and The Association were both well represented in this mini mash-up. I know it’s nearing the end of her run, but I’m finally starting to appreciate Dianna Agron’s voice. This was another really sweet performance and we finally got the Brittana kiss. Kudos to the writers for not making this scene unnecessarily religious or political. “Love is love” and romantic moments are romantic.

Love Shack – Blaine (and the New Directions/God Squad) (A+)

In fairness, I have to note that I’m one of those people that will gladly spend my “jukebox money” to hear this played, which accounts for part of the high grade. The other part? Blaine is back (with a heart-shaped eye patch)!! Sure, he wasn’t gone that long, but it felt like forever. Who cares that this song isn’t even remotely romantic, it was an awesome performance! I’m sure the writers that decided to make a connection with Sugar Shack and Love Shack were quite pleased with themselves. Kurt doing Cindy Wilson’s “Tin roof, rusted” at the end was the best. Great episode closer.

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30 rock recapping: hey baby what’s wrong

Previously on 30 Rock: Today You Are A Man

Ikea Trip

To make up for leaving us without 30 Rock for the fall, 30 Rock has given us two episodes in one night (two weeks ago) and this week they’re making up with us again with an hour long Valentine’s Day episode! Yays!

Liz and Criss will be spending Valentine’s day giving their relationship the ultimate test…a trip to Ikea! Jack, who hasn’t had “Mommy and Daddy Sheet Monster Time” (Liz’s words not mine), won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day since Avery is still in North Korea. Avery’s mom pops into town to discuss the progress, or lack of progress, in returning Avery to the US.

Lutz who  has never had a good Valentine’s Day gets adopted by Tracy and Frank who will teach him the scumbag ways of picking up women. Jenna is nervous about performing live for the largest audience she’s ever had and Pete is producing the show.

Jack and Avery's mom

The tension between Liz and Criss is mounting as he picks out silly Valentine’s Day crap and she tells him he can’t get it if he’s not paying. They disagree about what table to get and Criss even suggest going an entirely different route and not purchasing one from Ikea. A fight starts but they lock it down. But in the warehouse, when Ikea is out of the table they selected the fight comes full force and they break up.

Avery’s mom and Jack have a meeting with the Trannsylvania Ambassador. It wasn’t successful. By the end she unplugged his phone and slapped him on the nose like a dog, Jack ruined friends and the inappropriate sexual tension mounts. During Jenna’s dress rehearsal her voice sounds froggy and hoarse. Not a good sign for Jenna, but all those who want her to fail will be pleased. Dr. Spaceman looks at her and says nothing is wrong. And her symptoms are psychosomatic because of the pressure. Jenna explains that she’s dealt with pressure before so that obviously can’t be it.

Attacked by an Iguana

Kenneth is trying to break in the new page who on her first day had a seizure, was attacked by an iguana, and had milk thrown at her. She doesn’t like her new “glamorous” life. But Kenneth tells her sometimes you have to start at the bottom. Tracy, Franks, and Lutz go to all the places where scumbags pick up women: Weight Watchers, beauty salons where white girls try to do black girl hair styles, and clothing stores. Lutz doesn’t pick up any women, but he does get a pretty one piece purple bathing suit.

Finally, they take him to the last place to pick up vulnerable women: the Ikea parking lot. Lutz hits on a sulking Liz and they both have realizations. Liz needs to apologize to Criss. Pete tells Jenna that she has the yips and he can sympathize because it happened to him. After acknowledging her problem Jenna hopes it’ll all be better. It’s not, it’s worse. But Pete figures it out, Jenna needs pain to distract her from the nerves. And she gets her voice back.

Criss and Liz Make up

Liz runs all the way home panicked that Criss won’t be there. But he is, with a new dining room table and dinner. Liz is glad to know that Criss isn’t bothered by her crazy, he just gets over it easily. The new page delivers a package to LIz’s house just as she and Criss have made up. Her aspiration is now to get Liz Lemon’s life. And she’s gonna be pretty creepy about it. Jack and Avery’s mother don’t cross any lines and they work out their frustrations at the driving range, how sexy.

Best/Funniest Moment

  • Liz recounting her past Valentine’s Days
  • Frank and Tracy teaching Lutz the scumbag ways
  • Jack and Avery’s mom playing golf


Liz: “Oh my God. I’m female Lutz.”

Dr. Spaceman: “Unfortunately there’s no field of medicine that deals with the brain.”

Criss: “The only thing you like about your job is taking home free sodas.”

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thoughts on parks and recreation: operation ann

Previously on Parks and Recreation: Bowling for Votes

In this Valentine’s Day-themed evening, Leslie was manically playing matchmaker for Ann aka the ‘beautiful spinster’. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday Ann was trying to fix Leslie up with Chris, the annoying MRI technologist? Oh how the romantic tides have turned in our little Pawnee.

When Adam Scott tweeted that Party Down fans were in for a surprise, I knew two things: bloggers across the interwebz were going to use (and abuse) “Are we having fun yet?” and ‘Operation Ann’ had the potential to make up for last week’s so-so episode. Mission accomplished. I watched it with the giddiness of Ron solving riddles and you know it was a good episode when creepy Oren hiding under the table wasn’t the best thing to happen.

  • Who else wants a needlepoint pillow with their name, picture and lead headline from the day they were born? Marie Osmond as the Mormon Madonna would look great in stitching.
  • ‘Gal-lentine’s Day’ should be combined with ‘Treat Yo Self’. Somebody make that happen.
  • “It’s really hard to say ‘congrats’ without sounding sarcastic.” – Ann, who is very, very right. Congrats to all of you lovebirds out there.
  • “Thank you all for being here, let’s get started.” -Ron…to his barbecue ribs.
  • Attractive. Smart. Kind. Simple, yet very good criteria.
  • Yachter Otter, the playboy otter lost at sea. When Ben gave this gift to Leslie, all I could think of was IASIP and the gang creating things out of Charlie’s ‘Dram Bok’.
  • “Millicent Gergich has literally torn my heart from my body and replaced it with a thick slab of sadness. I may never smile again.” -Chris aka DJ Chris Cross
  • “Getting wet with sound.”

  • Jerry accidentally hired a male escort via Craigslist. Oh Jerry.
  • The image of Leslie dancing to Single Ladies…alone…at her ex’s wedding.
  • “I hate riddles and other such nonsense. I want that on the record.” -Ron, who “secretly” loves riddles.
  • Martin Starr (Roman DeBeers, Party Down‘s resident bitter/jaded/judgmental/intellectual fiction writer turned cater waiter) as Kevin at the snow globe museum. His hair was a little longer, but he was still deadpan and sarcastic. I could have used more interaction, but I’m just glad the Starz HD mention wasn’t the surprise.
  • “I’m Harris. Heard you were desperate for a man piece. We in business?” How do you even turn down a man that’s been to 308 Phish concerts?!
  • Dating tip: Never, ever begin an introduction by saying you’re an amateur juggler. Noted.
  • The lustful looks Ron got at the gay bar, which were to be expected.
  • Lil’ Sebastian has a shrine and unbeknownst to Leslie, Ben is still unimpressed.
  • Ann and Ton, snuggling up like little bunnies? I could totally see that.
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