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dexter and ringer bring old faces to the new fall season

There was a show that came on TBS. It was funny and kind of played out like Sex and the City if Carrie’s crew were all men. The show was called My Boys and aside from focusing way too much on the Cubs to be a Chicago-based show (the White Sox do exist, contrary to what the rest of the country believes), it was really good. If you’re saying to yourself, “What the heck is a My Boys?”, then you’re probably among the millions that didn’t tune in. I was sad this show got so little attention and was cancelled with very little fight.

Fortunately, the TV gods have given me yet another reason to be excited about the upcoming fall season. Jordan Spiro (aka PJ from My Boys) will be joining the cast of  Dexter and with Lumen’s open-ended exit and the ‘back to basics’ nature of this season, I’m hoping she’s not a love interest.

And if all of that wasn’t enough to give me TV-gasms for days, Veronica Mars‘ Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls) will be joining the cast of Ringer. Dohring will be playing a teacher, which may not sound super exciting, but as we’ve seen with Moonlight and his episode of Party Down, he’s capable of adding personality to just about anything.

If you haven’t already, check out the other reasons we’re looking forward to TV this fall.


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three tv shows that deserve a movie ending

There are some movies made based on TV shows (i.e., Dukes of Hazzard) that have long since gone off the air. While others are made as a continuation (i.e., Firefly’s Serenity) on the series finale or to answer questions that were brought up since the shows cancellation/end.

The shows most likely to make it to the big screen are those that the studio execs believe will make them money (that’s the only reasonable explanation for Sex and the City 2), whether at the box office or through subsequent DVD sales (never underestimate the spending power of a small, but loyal fan base).

Not all TV shows get this kind of fanfare ending, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. This list is probably missing a few shows, but they’re the ones I feel are most deserving.

(If for some reason you’ve never seen these shows…no judgement….but please rectify that ASAP.)

Veronica Mars

Shortly after this show (prematurely) ended, there were talks that a movie wasn’t far behind. The CW foolishly cancelled Veronica Mars in 2007 and for two full years I held onto the hope that we’d see Veronica in the FBI, back together with Logan and carrying on a long-distance friendship with Wallace. Sadly, a Veronica Mars movie will not be happening. Kristin Bell is a big enough star now where the idea may be revisited, but unless there’s a surge in DVD purchases or a massive push by the fans it’s unlikely. And mildly depressing.

Arrested Development

Jason Bateman comes second only to Vince Vaughn on my imaginary list of favorite comedic straight men. But he’s not the only reason I started watching this show (a few years after it was cancelled…shame on me). The show is just hilarious and memorable. This is another instance where a movie has been discussed without anything outside of a script coming into fruition…yet. I’m still holding out hope for seeing Arrested Development on the big screen. It had a relatively satisfying ending, but with the Bluth family, there would be more than enough material to hold my attention for 1.5+ hours.

Party Down

Starz is not wildly known for its original programming (outside of Spartacus), which should be the only reason ratings were so low for this wildly unappreciated comedy. Another Rob Thomas creation (the man is a GENIUS), the show centers on a group of out-of-work actors who are employed at catering company. They hate their jobs and make no apologies about wanting to be anywhere other than whatever event they’re catering that week, which usually makes for a funny/sad combo. I know hoping for a movie ending to this show is the sort of blind naiveté that made me hope for a third season…but still, it was cancelled too soon and I still haven’t had time to process.

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