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thoughts on boardwalk empire: battle of the century

Nucky’s Trip to Ireland

Nucky heads across the pond to Ireland, with Owen Slater, to propose a deal to John McGarrigle. Nucky offers to give McGarrigle Thompson Machine Guns in exchange for Irish whiskey. McGarrigle turns down the deal because he thinks peace is soon coming for the Irish. His cohorts clearly don’t feel the same way because they have McGarrigle killed so they can proceed with the deal with Nucky.

I knew Nucky was going to Ireland for more than just a little vacation and now it seems as though he has alreadytaken a huge step on the comeback trail.

Team Darmody

Jimmy gets a visit from “Mr. Third Person”¬† George Remus himself and successfully brokers a deal for more alcohol. Darmody also meets with Waxy Gordon to talk about killing Horvitz in Philadelphia. Waxy sends his assistant to do the job but he ends up getting killed himself – the hitmen in the 1920’s have to have been the worst in the world! Horvitz finda a matchbook on the hitman that shows he came from Atlantic City so I assume he knows who was behind the failed hit.

Jimmy seems to make his decisions based on emotions alone and that can’t be the best decision in the business he is in. He is making too many enemies in his own backyard.

  • Esther Randolph questions Deputy Halloran about Hans Schroeder.
  • Emily has been diagnosed with polio.
  • Donn Purnsley begins a worker’s rebellion at a hotel, with Chalky’s permission.
  • Who is the better creep? Purnsley or Doyle? Like, seriously?
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boardwalk empire recapping: the age of reason

Nucky’s Empire

  • ¬†Defense Attorney Thorogood successfully gets Nucky’s case transferred to federal jurisdiction.
  • George Remus calls Nucky and thanks him for the deal with Jess Smith. Nucky asks for a “finder’s fee” and Remus gets upset. Nucky gets upset with Remus and the phone call ends abruptly.
  • Nucky thanks Thorogood for his good work by setting him up with a suite and sluts. Win.
  • Nucky meets with “Waxy” Gordon, Rothstein, Luciano, Lansky, “Chalky” White, and Herman about the upcoming liquor shipment in Philadelphia.
  • Attorney General Daugherty gets a visit from Senator Edge who insists that if he gets a prosecutor that will take Nucky’s case more seriously then he can help him later.
  • Daughtery tells Nucky about the change in plans. This outrages Nucky. He immediately takes away Thorogood’s “benefits”.

Darmody’s Uprising

  • Jimmy meets with Leander Whitlock about his business and motives. He tells Jimmy that “not every insult deserves a response”. Leander says that he has alienated some powerful men by scalping Jackson Parkhurst. Jimmy denies doing this. Leander says that Nucky is always thinking about the big picture and questions if Jimmy is doing the same thing. Jimmy says he intends to finish what he has started.
  • As Jimmy and Angela are on the boardwalk he sees Herman, “Waxy” Gordon and Nucky leaving Nucky’s office.
  • Horvitz returns a call to Jimmy. Jimmy asks why did he see Herman leaving a meeting with Nucky and “Waxy”. Horvitz asks was Jimmy sure it was him. When Jimmy replies yes Horvitz says he’ll call Jimmy back.
  • Horvitz invites Jimmy to Philadelphia. A beaten up Herman is hanging upside down in a meat locker. Jimmy asks about the meeting they had. Herman tells him about the shipment. Horvitz orders Jimmy to kill Herman. Jimmy then slits Herman’s throat.
  • As Lansky, Luciano, and crew are delivering Nucky’s shipment they are ambushed by Jimmy, Horvitz, Richard, and others. After the shooting subsides and identities are revealed, Lansky figures out a deal that would benefit all those involved.

Margaret’s Sins

  • Margaret’s son, Jimmy, is getting prepped for his first confession. The priest tells Margaret that she must give a confession as well to “set an example”. This makes Margaret uneasy.
  • Margaret speaks with Katy about her relationship with Owen Slater. She tells her to mind her behavior because there are children in the house.
  • Margaret tells Nucky that she is to give a confession. Nucky insists that she not tell anything “sensitive”. She says that if he is worried he should speak with the priest himself.
  • When Slater comes to pick up Nucky Margaret asks him if he is “in the habit of ‘toying’ with women”. He replies “I wouldn’t call it a habit”. When leaving he touches Margaret on the shoulder and says that he is “always happy to be of service”.
  • When giving her confession, Margaret tells Father Brennan about a man that is “bad” and she is having “impure thoughts” about. When Brennan asks about the identity of the man she says he “works for her family”. Seemingly referring to Slater.

Van Alden’s Dilemma(s)

  • Lucy is nearing her time to give birth.
  • Van Alden is going to check on Agent Clarkson at the hospital.
  • As Van Alden is praying for Clarkson (who is it a coma), he comes to and says (to Van Alden) “I see you. I know what you did”.
  • Van Alden leaves and is worried that he will be exposed.
  • Van Alden calls his wife Rose and says that he is not fit for his job and that he has sinned and that “a good and decent man has burned” because of him. This makes Rose nervous.
  • Lucy begins prepping to give birth by herself at her and Van Alden’s hideaway home.
  • As Van Alden is visiting Clarkson another time, Clarkson wakes up and says to the nurse the same thing he said to him earlier. The nurse tells him that he says that to everyone. Seemingly letting Van Alden off the hook.
  • When Van Alden returns home he sees that Lucy has birthed a baby girl all by herself. He goes to get a doctor.
  • When he returns with the doctor Rose is tending to Lucy.
  • Van Alden tells her that “I did this for us” but Rose is still infuriated and storms out.
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