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glee recapping: the new rachel

Here’s what you missed on Glee (last season): Goodbye


  • Rachel has to start all over to establish herself at NYADA.
  • The McKinley High Glee Club has open auditions to find new members.
  • The glee club is no longer at the bottom of the high school hierarchy.
  • Kurt is struggling to find his way after graduation. But Burt and Blaine help push him in the right direction.


Separation Anxiety: My largest concern about this season was how the show was going to deal with the original characters’ departure from McKinley. I’m not sure if we are going to get a glimpse of what the rest of the former New Directions are up to but I knew Rachel was to be a focal point–I mean, she’s Rachel Berry.

Marley Berry? I wasn’t sure if the episode’s title was intended to be aimed at Marley’s arrival to the glee club or for the changes Real Rachel is going through in New York–and, honestly, I’m still not sure. Did I like Marley as soon as I heard/saw her? Yes. Does the glee club need a new strong female lead? Of course. IS she REALLY “The New Rachel”? I doubt it. But hopefully she is a strong enough character to carry the glee club going forward. Rachel started as a sophomore as well and we see what lengths she went through to solidify her place with the New Directions and at McKinley as a whole. Good luck Marley. No pressure…

M.I.A. Ummm…where was Santana? And Mercedes? And Puck? And Finn? And Roz? And Rory? And Emma? And Mike Chang?! And that one black guy from season one?!?! I need answers. Or explanations. Or apologies. In copious amounts.

Leap of Faith? Do parents really just send their children halfway across the country with nothing to support themselves with? I love the fact that Rachel has someone from Lima with her during her road to Broadway but it just seemed like the move was forced. I was hoping we actually got to see both her and Kurt struggle with their new environments for awhile before they became each other’s security blanket.

Wishful Singing: I know the singing angle usually belongs to Nicole, but I have a request–maybe more like a plea. Mr. Ryan Murphy, if you have a heart of any kind can you please have Sam and Artie duet it up with a Justin Bieber “Boyfriend” swoon session? Preferably directed at Marley. Just thinking of it brings back fond memories…


Call Me Maybe (Blaine, Tina, Unique, Brittany) This late spring/early summer hit hasn’t gotten old for me yet, but I’m still glad they knocked the obligatory performance out early on in the season. I hated the concept of this song being used to pick the “new Rachel” because it only showed how good these four sound as a unit without at all showing the strong stand-out voice/performer they seem to think the glee club needs. Watching Brittany dance with Blaine only made me miss Mike, but overall, a very adorable start to the episode. (B)

Dance Again/Americano (Cassandra) Someone over at Glee sure knows how to pick their blonde guest stars! I knew Kate Hudson could dance, but I was mostly indifferent about her role until this performance. Solid dancing and singing, but it also illustrated that it’s only appropriate to bump and grind with your students when they’re 18 and older (Mr. Schue, yes, I’m talking to you). I can’t wait to see if Cassandra’s sober Jekyll and drunken Hyde dynamic plays a part in the performances/musical selections she has this season. (B)

NY State of Mind (Rachel and Marley) A downtrodden Rachel in New York reminds me of the Rachel in season one, before she got borderline annoying, bursting at the seems, full of unappreciated potential. Maybe that’s why hearing her sing this classic gave me those familiar “Rachel Berry chills”. Marley was also great, although not quite Rachel great, but there’s no doubt she’ll bring something new and greatly welcomed to the glee club in terms of performance and sound. One minor note: I fear that Marley’s newsboy hat is her ‘thing’. Either I don’t like it because it’s distracting, or it’s distracting because I don’t like it. Regardless, I don’t like it! (A)

It’s Time (Blaine) If we’re going to have the requisite courtyard performance each season, it should always be done by Blaine. The double-dutch, jump ropes and red cups are things that can only be pulled off by those as adorably stylish as Kurt’s amor. Long distance + high school isn’t the best combination, so although I don’t have much hope for the longevity of Klaine’s romance, at least this performance will serve as a reminder of happier times. (A)

Chasing Pavements (Marley and the New Directions) Did I find this song particularly relevant to Marley solidifying her status as a New Directions member or Kurt joining Rachel in New York? Not at all. But whatever, this moment wasn’t about relevance, it was about reminding us that the New Directions are moving on with a very solid group and at least half of the show will now be Rachel Does New York (or some variation). For Marley’s first solo with the group, this was pretty great. (A)

Busters Get Popped (Stoner Brett)/ Never Say Never (Jake) Please, oh please, don’t let this not be the last time we see Stoner Brett. I know the focus was supposed to be on everyone else sounding so crappy that Jake and Marley stood out, which they did, but Mr. Brett certainly shined by providing one of my favorite moments of the night. Jake aka the bad boy that is going to take Puck’s place (just in case that wasn’t clear, and to avoid even a hint of symbolism, the writer’s went the literal route and made him Puck’s little brother) sounds and looks like a beautiful, albeit slightly rough, little angel. I’d like more of him and more of his voice, so let’s not drag this whole “I’m damaged and singing won’t fix that” thing out too much longer.


“Oh, in case you’re wondering, which you were, I’m straight.” – Brody

“Kitty is my new head bitch. She’s like a young Quinn Fabray, except she’s not pregnant, manic depressive or in and out of a wheelchair.” – Sue

“That’s a great haircut Mercedes. I thought you graduated.” – Brittany…after seeing Wade

“It’s hard making out over Skype, you can’t really scissor a webcam.” – Brittany

“I had a song in my heart Blaine Warbler, and you killed it. Now, I have a dead song in my heart and pretty soon, the corpse of my head heart’s song is going to start to smell.” – Brittany

“…a pre-op Precious, based on the novel Barf by Sapphire.” – Kitty…on Wade

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glee recapping: choke

Here’s what you missed on Glee: Dance With Somebody


  • Rachel and Kurt’s NYADA tryouts have finally come around.
  • Puck’s father (played by Thomas Calabro, the dreamy Dr. Michael Mancini on Melrose Place)  pays him a surprise visit and gives him some perspective.
  • Coach Beiste is a victim of domestic abuse and goes to Sue, Roz, and the glee club girls for support.
  • The guys from the glee club tutor Puck so that he can pass a test for graduation.

Choke Check: Puck choking on his European Geography (that can’t be a real class) test? Check. Rachel choking on her favorite Streisand song in front of NYADA’s newest Dean (played by Whoopi Goldberg), twice? Double Check. Cooter possibly choking Beiste before the haymaker? Too soon?…check.

Obviously: As soon as I read the title of the episode I knew Rachel was going to be perfect for the lead role. Rachel’s rendition of Streisand’s “Don’t Rain on My Parade” is still one of my favorite songs from the entire show but I knew she would be destined to fail. Does this really mean that her NYADA hopes are done? Is she really going to be stay in Ohio to continue searching for her trip to Broadway? Regardless, we’re guaranteed to see more of Rachel in the next season.

Senior Year Redux? Even though Puck knew where the rain falls in Spain he couldn’t seem to locate anything else during his test. Does Puck just drop out of school since it seems he won’t be able to graduate? Does he do summer classes? I think it would be true Puckerman form to just tell his friends that he passed the test and then when graduation comes he heads out to the left coast to start his business without telling anyone.

Seat Fillers: Brittany and Sugar, why were you just sitting on those stools and staring at Mercedes, Santana, and Tina while they were singing to Coach Beiste? Do interpretive dance. Play an instrument. Have a Fondue for Two session in the background. Do something!

No Pamphlets?! Who doesn’t go to Emma for a sweet pamphy about domestic abuse in this case? I know domestic abuse is nothing to be scoffed at (along with bullying, gay bashing, and texting while driving as Glee has shown us so far this season) but I actually release miniscule giggles after reading the names of those pamphlets. Maybe she would have found out that domestic abusers are, frequently, repeat offenders. I hope Beiste is good with makeup. Apply liberally.


The Music of the Night – Kurt (B) Visually weird, which can be blamed on Tina, but vocally amazing, albeit brief.

School’s Out – Puck (B) Given the eventual outcome, Puckerman really should have spent less time dancing around the school and more time studying. Still, the intensity was appreciated.

Cell Block Tango – Brittany, Tina, Mercedes, Sugar and Santana (A+) This may be just “a song about crazy women in their panties killing their men for chewing gum” and the ladies’ attire may have been a tad too inappropriate for school, but this was still the one of the night’s best performances. Throwing in Mike was just an added visual bonus.

Not the Boy Next Door – Kurt (A) Bold move with a potentially huge pay-off that results in Kurt’s acceptance to his dream school. If his singing wasn’t enough the highness of his kicks coupled with the tightness of his pants should be enough to seal the deal.

Don’t Rain on My Parade – Rachel (C) “You get eight bars, I gave you 16.” Unfortunately, Rachel completely ‘choked’ at her audition, but if you want to hear how well she normally performs this song, watch ‘Sectionals‘ from season 1.

The Rain in Spain – Mike, Artie, Sam, Puck, Kurt, Finn, Blaine, Rory and Joe (B) This was an absolute failure as a study tool, but it was cute to watch the boys turn the performance into a mini Headbangers Ball. Also, shouldn’t the school have been closed in the middle of the night and how was Puck not banned from touching anymore guitars after setting one on fire earlier?

Shake it Out – Tina, Santana and Mercedes (A+) As the other flawless performance, this really should have closed out the night. The lyrics to this song spoke perfectly to Beiste’s situation and yet again, Santana proves that she’s a much better singer when her heart is in it. Also, Coach Beiste has now been serenaded by the girls and guys in the group, which would be more touching if they weren’t “We’re sorry for saying/doing something that personally offended you” serenades.

Cry – Rachel (A) When Rachel really cries during a song about crying, it’s bound to be an intense moment. Unfortunately, this was bittersweet because although Rachel sounded amazing, it was too little too late.


“Yeah, I might not graduate, but that’s okay because gowns are for ladies and tassels are for strippers.” – Puck

“Look, I understand kids making jokes about things they find uncomfortable. Like how there’s a cheer leading coach at their school who is old as dirt and still trying to have a baby who they know is going to come out looking weird with rabies and wings and is going to fly right out of your hat box and straight back into hell.” – Black Sue Roz

“Puckerman, why are you closing the doors?” – Mrs. Eleanor Doosenbury
“So the chemistry doesn’t get out.” – Puck, who somehow thought ‘displaced Haitains’ was ‘depressed Hawaiians’

“You bet your perfectly round ass it is!” – Roz

“You can stay with me tonight. If you don’t have a change of clothes I have a tent you can wear.” – Sue


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