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it takes a community…

I don’t know what I miss most about Greendale Community College. Could it be the the sheer joy of finding a magical trampoline? Building and organizing a dorm-wide “Blanket-Fort City” – a la EVERY awesome sleepover EVER?! Or maybe it was the school-wide paintball tournament? Either way, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to witness a group of people stay in school WAY longer than necessary like I have for the study group in Community.

I hope you see that scarf!

Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), the self-absorbed, faux-apathetic douche with all the witty “complisults” (compliment + insult). Jeff is always at the ready to tell the study group that he doesn’t care to deal with their shenanigans and always finds himself directly in the middle of the action and sometimes even spearheading the charge. Even though I feel this great ensemble cast doesn’t have a “lead character” Jeff has all the qualities to fit the bill.


Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs), resident rebel with an adopted cause, is everything that Jeff is not but he just can’t get enough of. These two usually get tied together as the most polarizing forces in the study group. Britta has the ability to undercut any grandstanding with the surgeon-like precision of a veteran “Mean Girl”.

Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase) is the epitome of what it means to be politically incorrect. Racial slurs? Sexism? General Jackassery? Pierce has more than enough to share with the class. Usually pegged as the antagonist of the study group – a role he fits perfectly – I’m actually starting to like his character more with each verbal/visual beating he gives me – because that’s healthy, right?

Troy Barnes (Donald Glover) is filled with a childlike exuberance – if you couldn’t tell by the picture – that is never annoying and always accepted. Whether he is making “dumb-blonde” statements or even a subtle facial expression, Troy takes advantage of all his screen time. Also, when you can throw this epic of a tantrum as a grown man you deserve some credit.

Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) is the socially awkward and pop-culture poignant “android” character that spews information with no filter. He does a great job keeping characters in check because he only tells what he sees and doesn’t let characters build their ego too high before he makes them realize how blatantly mediocre they really are. Abed and Troy are one of the best “buddy” duos on television right now, and they even come equipped with their own handshake! Jealous yet?

Annie Edison (Alison Brie) is the young, straight-laced, naive beauty who usually has the best interest of the whole group in mind when she sets out. But this may change things a bit for the upcoming season. I actually like Annie’s character, maybe more than I should, and it’s not just because she is HAWT! She may feign oblivious to most her surroundings but she knows exactly what she wants and usually gets me it.

If Samuel L. Jackson's Pulp Fiction and Whoopi Goldberg's Sister Act had a baby...

Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown) is the religious, sometimes single mother that is never opposed to gossip. She finds a way to know everyone’s business without shedding light on her own and passive-aggressively pits characters against each other. I like Shirley’s instigating methods because she can add a new twist to any episode with one line.

Get your #2 pencils ready class. School is back is session September 22nd on NBC.


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