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the walking dead recapping: what lies ahead

Rick is still keeping his radio diary to Morgan as the season kicks off. Rick says that he and his group are done with Atlanta and are headed to Fort Bennett. The daily grind has clearly taken it’s toll on Rick and it’s made apparent during this one-way conversation.

The group heads out on the road in hopes of reaching Fort Bennett but they run into a roadblock made up of all abandoned vehicles. Glenn suggests they double back and take another route but Dale tells him they don’t have enough fuel for that. The radiator blows on Dale’s RV and the group is immobile. They begin to search the abandoned vehicles for much needed supplies. After finding clothes, car parts, and food Dale and Rick spot a “herd” of zombies walking towards them. Most of the group hides under vehicles – Dale stayed on top of the RV while Andrea is in the restroom. A wandering zombie finds her and begins to break down the door but Dale drops her a screwdriver and she gives us our first graphic kill of the season. Elsewhere, Darryl saves T-Dog from another attack. As the herd passes Sophia begins to leave her hiding spot under a car when two zombies spot her. She runs into the nearby woods to escape. Rick immediately gives chase.

Carl and Rick Grimes

When Rick catches up to Sophia he tells her to head back to the group so he can lead the zombies further into the woods. He tells her how to get back safely using the sun as her guide. Rick runs off and sets a perfectly primitive trap for the zombies – and by primitive I mean he hides behind a tree with a stone and bashes their heads in when they come near.

Rick, Shane, Darryl and Glenn are tracking for Sophia in the woods because she hasn’t returned to the group. Rick orders that Glenn and Shane go back with the group for damage control so no one worries too much. Rick and Darryl continue searching but find nothing. They even perform an awesome autopsy on a zombie to make sure he didn’t get to Sophia. They come back at dusk and tell the group that they have to continue searching for Sophia at daybreak. This obviously doesn’t come with much fanfare, especially from Sophia’s mother Carol.

When day comes the group heads out in search of Sophia leaving Dale and T-Dog back on the road. The group comes across a tent at a campsite and investigate. No evidence that Sophia was there. After that disappointment they hear church bells and run to find the source. Rick leads the charge towards the church. Inside they find a few zombies sitting in the pews – Christians to the core! – but easily eliminate them. Still no sign of Sophia.

Portion of the Zombie "herd"

Outside Andrea overhears Shane telling Lori that he is planning on leaving the group. She asks to go with him but he is hesitant because it would be “another ass to cover” but she insists she can cover him when he needs help.

Rick sends the group back to the highway while he, Shane, and Carl stay at the church to continue the search. Rick desperately prays that God give him a sign as “an indication that (he’s) doing the right thing”. As they leave the church to search the surrounding wooded area they spot a deer. The look on Rick’s face shows that he believes this was his “sign”. As Carl creeps closer to the deer a shot rings out, downing the deer and hitting Carl in the torso. Stunned, Shane and Rick rush to Carl’s aid.

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the walking dead: favorite characters

As Sunday draws closer so does the second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Even though the first season was – much to the chagrin of yours truly – only six episodes long, I took the entire season as the prologue…to the show…that had already started? It makes sense somehow. I know that the characters aren’t always going to be the same throughout the entirety of show’s run but I managed to get favorites from the glimpse that was season one. And besides, it’s a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, I don’t think we have that much time anyway…

My Top 3 (in a particular order)


Of course it’s Glenn! The former pizza delivery boy just trying to make ends meet before the outbreak began. Maybe I’m a tad biased but when I envision the future zombie apocalypse – you know it’s inevitable – I see myself as the “scout”. Glenn is young, quick, and resourceful. Although he isn’t a leader per se he is usually on the front lines when the group needs him. His sarcastic insight is a must and his ability to lighten the extremely grave mood is, obviously, appreciated. Glenn is going to have to try REALLY hard for me not to idolize him during the season.

Daryl Dixon 

What a drastic change, right? I like a good antihero every now and again. Daryl is brash, brave and a slew of other “B” words – borderline bigot included. Every crew needs a wild card and Daryl plays the role well. He doesn’t mind challenging the authority of Rick or Shane when he feels there is another option and since he doesn’t know what has become of his brother he has that “nothing to lose” mojo going for him. I know that Daryl is going to make me hate him as a person several times this season but solidify his standing as one of my favorite characters. Cheers to hypocrisy?!


Rick Grimes

The adopted/accepted leader of the group. I mean the man is a Sheriff…who was presumed dead…left in a hospital with the dead…in an abandoned/infected town…then still managed to find his family and “friend”/partner Shane. I would follow that man. He made the practical decisions for the group in season one. He doesn’t have the “lone ranger” mentality that Daryl has which I feel is going to cause conflict going forward. I appreciate him as a main character, but for now I appreciate the conflict that he initiates just by being the leader. I hope to be able to like his character as an individual more this season.

For some pictures and insight on character development, plot lines, and ZOMBIES from the producers of The Walking Dead click here.

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death valley…kinda literally

Anyone who knows me – this includes you now – knows that I have a soft spot for the undead. Zombies more specifically. I know that in a previous post I didn’t list MTV’s new show Death Valley as a show that I was excited for come Fall but for some strange reason (sometimes I like to keep secrets or whatever) it skipped my mind.

The cast doesn’t feature any solidified “stars” but the most well-known might be journeyman Bryan Callen who has had roles on MADtv, Oz, and Sex in the City just to name a few. The cast isn’t what I’m worried about right out of the gate though. The comedic current is more concern, but from what I’ve seen so far I’m confident that I’ll be changing my diaper on the frequent. I felt the same way with Reno 911 when it first aired; I really didn’t “know” any of the cast but they made me forget about that with their banter and hilarious “investigation” processes.

The whole “Cops and Robbers” thing is far from a new genre but throw in a pinch of unnecessary supernatural gore¬† and that’s a recipe even grandma will be proud of…but she shouldn’t watch the show…unless she’s awesome of course.

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