new bane pics from the dark knight rises

There’s more than a few reasons I’m excited to see the newest Batman installment, but after seeing the newly released close-up pictures of Bane, I’d have to say he will not be one of them. Christopher Nolan has had a few hits and misses in his directorial efforts (earning cheers and jeers from fan boys and comic book enthusiasts) thus far….I’ll let you decide which category this falls under. Check out the full story at


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8 thoughts on “new bane pics from the dark knight rises

  1. Chris Lucas says:

    wow thats bane??? yeah thats a huge letdown

    • N-Word Jim says:

      i have no idea what your talking about… Have you noticed Nolan’s trilogy has been based in a more realistic world? Did you really want tubes flowing into his brain and a power up button?

    • Ummm…. You’ve heard of special effects right. See the before and after of the Captain America stuff? Moron.

      • chrisl232 says:

        so you have to add special effects to make that look cool? thats really a lame way of looking at it. special effects or not, that is a piss poor bane. no it doesnt have to have a power up button but it could have been a lot better being realistic or not.

  2. Sabre says:

    If they had added the Lucha Libre mask, it would have been cool.
    Maybe CGI it in later?

  3. Juan says:

    A Lucha Libre mask would of looked corny in Nolan’s vision, just like Catwoman having no cat ears in this one. I do hope at least that Bane does get a bit bigger somehow later in the movie.

  4. E.Nigma says:

    Bane isn’t only super strong, he’s also super smart in the comics. The other Bane from the 90’s movie was a big retard. This Bane will be a cunning criminal mastermind, with greater efforts to destroy Gotham than Heath Ledger’s Joker. The real question is…Is there any Heath Ledger footage in Dark Knight Rises

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