adventure time recapping: davey

It took me a bit to write this, due to the fact that I didn’t really want to say the following: Finn and Jake are both complete assholes. Not a moment after slicing a dragon in half via its butt crack, his adoring admires come to thank him. Rather than just having dinner with them, he makes a great deal of effort to totally change his appearance to his new alter-ego “Davey Johnson.” Now, things like this happen in just about every single superhero fiction. Think… Superman and his Fortress of Solitude “Raaaaah this responsibility is too much to handle, better run away until someone I care about gets hurt while totally ignoring every other schmo gets hurt.” Or Spiderman does the same thing, but with haircuts… and bad writing.

Then Jakes goes and tries to un-Davey Finn, and gets himself in trouble, just like every superhero story. And it works, Finn snaps out of it. The day is… saved? And the episode is overall really funny.
But I don’t come to the show for it just being trite and silly, so I’m going to stretch a bit. Relationships are bummers. Even marriages end in divorce half the time. You get two people who ostensibly love each other more than any one else, you stand them in front of hundreds of people, they proclaim their undying love, then they actually get a lawyer to write up a contract stating how much they love each other, and they combine finances and all sorts of other junk, worse still, they have children’s lives to ruin, and they still don’t make it half the time.

It’s what makes growing up so scary. You’re not just growing, you’re changing, and you just have to hope that the person you’re with somehow changes with you. Full disclosure here, I was with the same person for 6 years. We were high school sweethearts and we thought we were never going to change. I assure you, rarely have you seen a couple that worked as well as we did, but it died, as all relationships eventually will, due to the fact that I changed. I’d had enough of living that life and opted to change, just like Finn. The change, like Finn’s wasn’t just internal, it was external as well. I changed my hair, I lost weight, changed wardrobes; moving on from someone really is as large of a change as Adventure Time purports it to be.

Which is what makes Jake’s choice all the more disconcerting. Finn is totally happy being Davey. Sure it’s selfish, but as a form of escapism, it’s no worse than drug and alcohol use. But then Finn actually says that it’s his fault that Jake went to jail. Which is, of course, astoundingly false. Jake broke the law and was punished for it, and then it’s somehow his fault? And he has to break Jake out?

People grow and change, and trying to force an adult to think one way or another is  an unfortunate way of looking at the world and in the end, it just ends with more heartbreak than otherwise allowing the person to leave would cause in the first place.

Unorganized musings:
Dragon butts.
The Banana Guards are really funny, even if they’re just the “copz r dummm” trope.
Re-using the auto-tuner is a terrific touch.
Finn going bald means that he’s “destroying his beauty.” Sorry bald people…
I would pay an absurd amount of money for a BMO.

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