30 rock recapping: what will happen to the gang next year?

previously on the 30 rock: the return of Avery Jessup

avery, jack, liz

Avery and Jack are going full speed ahead with their plans to renew their vows and they’ve asked Liz to officiate. Though she believes vow renewal to be the kiss of death she agrees to perform the ceremony. Jack discovers that though Avery and Scott may not have actually talked they were communicating the whole time, with morse code. Jack who also understands morse code (albeit only a little) realizes that the two had a relationship. He calls Avery out on it and she does not deny it, but since they aren’t quitters there is nothing they can do but go through with it. When Liz gets to the “speak now or forever hold your peace…” part of the ceremony, Jack and Avery anxiously wait for someone to show just cause. When no one does, they decide to own up and decide not to get married.

Liz and Criss

Hoping to help Liz in funding the renovations and prove that he can be the right kind of guy to have a baby with, Criss is up early and ready to make a living. He’s mapped out and researched a new place spot for his stand, which turns out to be a bad idea. Liz tells him she doesn’t want him to feel pressured by her decisions and he says he’s not gonna let her bail. When Liz sees his van being used as the getaway truck for a bank robbery she freaks out. He tells her he sold his truck and now has the money for the renovations proving he is the right guy to have a baby with. And Liz, in offering to go to jail in his place, proves she’s not gonna bail.

Jenna, Hazel, and Kenneth

Hazel no longer has a place to live and Liz does not offer her a place to stay. While sulking on the stairs, a crying Kenneth (he did not get into the Page Program), interrupts and offers her a place to stay. Jenna, knowing what Hazel is capable of, accuses her of trying to mess with Kenneth. When Hazel claims that Kenneth has been taken care of, Jenna digs deeper and finds out that Hazel ruined Kenneth’s application to the page program. Kenneth yells at Hazel until she claims love for him and kisses him.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Tracy trying to become a better role model for African Americans after winning Man of the Year by the “Journal of the Aryan Patriot Party”.
  • Liz stop, dropping, and rolling when in the room with Avery, her mom, and Jack.
  • Kim Jong Il wishing Avery happiness.


Kim Jong Il: “I’m greatest waiter of all time.”

Liz: “What Bill O’Reilly erotic novel are you living in?”

Kenneth: “She isn’t a bitch. She’s a meanie pants.”

Kristen is a confused young adult who sometimes thinks TV shows are actually her life. Wouldn’t that be cool? Unless she was a victim on Dexter, or a deranged privileged teenager on gossip girl, or a wolf on teen wolf, or Liz Lemon! Never mind. It wouldn’t be cool. Kristen is a young adult. Follow her @kris10_Alyse or read frustrateddreamer.com
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