boardwalk empire recapping: what does the bee do?

Camp Darmody

  • Jimmy makes a deal with Doyle to get alcohol.
  • The Commodore suffers a stoke while being “entertained” by Gillian.
  • Eli is scared that their operation is about to fall apart because Jimmy and Gillian are taking charge.
  • Jimmy and Richard head to Philadelphia to make a deal with Manny Horowitz (William Forsythe).
  • Gillian reminds a defenseless Commodore about when he took advantage of her sexually. She then begins to viciously slap the living hell outta him.

Nucky’s Empire

  • Nucky contacts Arnold Rothstein in order to obtain a port for his liquor shipment. He arranges for a port in Philadelphia.
  • Rothstein orders “Lucky” Luciano and Meyer Lansky to oversee the operation.
  • Nucky’s lawyer informs him that since Nucky shipped prostitutes across state borders he can make his case a federal offense. Which would allow the Attorney General to throw out his case.
  • Owen Slater makes a bomb for Nucky to blow up Doyle’s alcohol warehouse.

Chalky White

  • Chalky comes home from jail to learn that his daughter is to have a suitor over for dinner.
  • At a meeting held by influential members of the Negro community Chalky is pressed to make up for the deaths of the men killed by the KKK.
  • Nucky tells Chalky that he can’t help him right away and that he needs to be patient.
  • Chalky is drunk at the dinner and lashes out at his family and house guest. He removes himself from the dinner and stays outside for the remainder.

Margeret Schroeder 

  • Nucky gives Margeret money for the “weekly affairs” and to give the housekeeping staff a two dollar bonus for the week.
  • Margeret doesn’t like that Nucky is giving away money when things are tight.
  • When she gives the staff their bonuses they inform her that Nucky promised them a permanent raise when he came home drunk one day.
  • When Nucky informs her about the new federal charges she asks for $100 to get clothing for the kids but she puts it in her stash.

Angie and Richard

  • Richard comes the Darmody household to meet Jimmy but Angela is there painting instead. She asks him about being a model for her.
  • Richard tells Angie about the relationship he had with his sister in Wisconsin. He says that after he came back from the war things were never the same.
  • He says the she was the only person he ever loved. Angie seems to bond with Richard more so than Jimmy has done thus far.
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