thoughts on parks and recreation: the treaty

Tom is back!!! And then, moments later my heart drops when I realize that despite all of the signs that may have hinted otherwise, Beslie (I think that’s what I want Ben and Leslie to be called) are not. I have seriously slacked on my PandR posts, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t watching. The Halloween episode was kind of funny, while last week’s End of the World illustrated how separated the characters were. The Treaty, mostly, brought everyone back together. I’m assuming the last few episodes were some ploy by the writers to introduce new comedic couplings and simultaneously still make us yearn for better days when the actual parks and recreation department was relevant to the show. Now finally, I think we’re back to a slightly better square one.

R.I.P. Entertainment 720.

  • Ben and Leslie were both Model UN dorks legends…it’s annoying how perfect they are for each other.
  • Ron sands his toenails because they’re too strong for clippers. He does this every three weeks. Ron Swanson’s manliness surpasses that of other so-called manly men.
  • Ex-girlfriends genuinely enjoy offering you love advice on your current “4-day relationship.” Chris and his new appreciation of sarcasm will get this.
  • Ethnic girls grow on trees in Mexico.” – Applicant Courtney…and I agree with Ron, this isn’t an entirely racist statement.
  • Leslie accidentally slapped Ben during their incredibly dorky handshake. I rewound that a few times before it stopped being funny.
  • Similar to Donna, I wanted to hear more about Ann and Chris’ attending a tantric sex workshop.
  • Sorry Applicant Gary, Tom is right. A fact isn’t an anecdote.
  • I wish Ron would find some way to hire Applicant Keith. Sure, he ruined his interview Merv Bronte-style, but it was awkward and April would have so much fun with him.
  • It’s time for you to nut up Switzerland.” – Leslie gem #1
  • The only thing I will be waving is your decapitated head on a stick in front of your weeping mother.” – Leslie gem #2, complete with Andy’s classic look of shock.
  • We have the freakin’ moon, what are you gonna do without tides Peru!” – and Leslie gem #3
  • Rearranging Peru does spell Eur(o)p(e)…see!
  • Kathy Ireland doing nude aerobics. The mental picture gift that keeps on giving.
  • I’m now convinced that Ron doesn’t run, but instead utilizes a speed walking/jogging hybrid to catch people.
  • Poor Jerry. He had a few good moments (hot daughter, hot wife and a huge penis), but now he’s back in his sad little place.


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One thought on “thoughts on parks and recreation: the treaty

  1. ashleyC. says:

    I’m still hoping for the perfect Ben-Leslie romantic ending. Like what you said, they’re perfect for each other!

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