modern family recapping: new year’s eve

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It’s no surprise that the Dunphy/Pritchett wants to have a good New Year’s Eve; everyone wants to have a good New Year’s Eve. So much pressure on one night! Jay has made arrangements for all the grown-ups, while all the kids with stay at the Dunphy’s house under the watch of Haley, but really Alex.

Phil, Claire, Cam, Mitchell

That’s so funny, you are soooo funny!

Jay booked the adults a swanky hotel in Palm Springs, well what maybe once was a swanky hotel in 1975. They arrive and Phil and Claire as well as Mitchell and Cam are disappointed though everyone is trying to hide it, as Jay rationalizes. Once safe in their rooms Mitchell and Cam and Phil and Claire secretly make other plans. The window opens as still very pregnant Gloria gets tired and needs to go lie down. Mitchell and Cam head off to a gay club, where they feel too old. Then head to a gay bar where they feel too young. Phil and Claire head to the hot spring their bell boy told them about. Claire is hoping to get some, since its been a month, but their party is crashed by the bell boy and his friends who are celebrating Nude Year’s Eve. Jay, who realizes he’s been abandoned ends up playing poker with Billy Dee Williams, yet they all end up back at their dinner table, enjoying each other’s company.

Haley and Alex on the other hand have their hands full with Luke, who has decided to put the moves on a girl. Neither know how to react, but both know they don’t want this to happen. They barge in his room with laundry and send the girl home. Haley discovers a new-found respect for her mom.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • The overcrowded hot tub
  • The too old gay bar vs the too young gay bar
  • Billy Dee mistaking Phil for Mitchell
  • Haley and Alex discovering Lily had been outside
  • Manny safely evading the friendzone

Manny: If you’re hungry for broccoli later, you’ll find a piece in your teeth.

Cam: Are you excited for your big sleepover with your cousins?
Lily: Who’s watching me?
Cam: Haley.
Lily: I’m serious.
Mitchell: Alex.
Lily: Okay let’s go.

Haley: I know how awesome college is, that’s how I got kicked out.

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