revenge recapping: resurrection

Previously on Revenge: Destiny

With dreams of her father at bay, now Emily is haunted by dreams of her mother. As Nolan wakes her from the nightmare, she chokes him, just like any normal person would do…right?

Daniel and Conrad

Oh dad, you are such an a**hole.

Emily fell asleep while keeping her eye on Victoria, thought I can’t imagine much would’ve happened, but I can understand her vigilance. Daniel also seems to be exhibiting his own Emily-style scheming as he crunches the numbers of his father’s account. He ponders over the inflation and where the money that is supposed to be in the account is going to come from. But as always, Daniel doesn’t reach his conclusion fast enough and not without Emily’s help. As Daniel comes to Charlotte’s rescue, his father is already draining her accounts for the money the company no longer has, but needs. Still he makes a good move by giving her all of his trust.

Jack’s question about the paternity is answered: he is the father. Though Emily lies to Amanda and tells her she had to to fix the results. Nolan, who apparently has owned a multi-billion dollar company this whole time, is facing an audit (BTW, I knew about his company, it’s just that he never does anything that looks like a job!) So he is forced to appoint a CFO and he chooses an outspoken woman, Padma (played by Dilshad Vadsaria, Greek), who forced him into making the decision in the first place.

Charlotte and Victoria planned to run away with Charlotte’s money, but once she no longer has it there is only one option. Victoria lets Conrad in on her alive status and drags him into helping her out of hiding. Conrad takes her up on this plan for several reasons, including the fact that he gets to punch her in the face.

Emily surprised

Wtf is going on?

Emily, continuously on the Graysons’ tail, particularly Charlotte’s (at the moment), misses Victoria and Conrad’s plot, but catches wind anyway as Charlotte fills her in. Falling ever so slightly behind, but not far enough behind that she can’t make something good out of the mess. The white haired man contacts her immediately, and Emily offers up the footage, for a price. The price, which I think is very fair, is the story of what happened to her mother. But before they get to the nail-biting end (did she live or die???) the while haired man attacks Emily and forces her Emily’s shadow/protector/white knight to act. Emily lives, the white haired man is shot (probably dead) and the story remains untold.


  • The white knight returns, it won’t take long before things heat up.
  • Nolan will be a bit jealous at Emily’s new, aptly skilled sidekick, once she chooses to accept him.
  • Jack will continue his role as the good guy, while secretly longing for Emily.
  • Declan is going to realize he is an idiot for holding anything for anyone….ever!
  • Oh and I was right about the next time he played white knight to her damsel in distress…


Nolan: “I don’t think my employees have any respect for me.”
Emily: “Why would they, you’re not wearing pants.”

Conrad:“So it’s true, even the devil himself didn’t want you.”

Amanda: “Looks like the bitch is back.”


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